Thursday, January 19, 2006

Laundry Night?

Thursday night was one of those nights I couldn't quite decide whether I was going for a run or not. I kept debating with myself - should I take it easy getting back into the swing or was two weeks really all that long of a break and shouldn't I just pick up where I left off? My lower back is still hurting some, especially when I run. I had fallen on some wet stairs on my trip. Until I started running it felt better. After my runs Monday and Wednesday it hurt pretty badly.

Take the day off, run, take the day, run? Finally my wife chimes in with "Just make up your mind so I know whether I should start dinner or not." That said, I decided to go. To make it a little easier I just ran a loop around my neighborhood. As I ran through the neighborhood, I came across the smell of fresh drying laundry, over and over. Apparently Thursday night is laundry night in Covina. I did the 4.5 mile loop in 40:32. Although getting started was tough, I felt fairly good. I do feel as though I am really heavy on my feet the last couple of days.

I checked my log book and found that I hadn't run this route since September 28. Then I ran the loop in the morning before work (something I don't do often) in 40:15. My comment in the log at that time was "way slow!!" It was probably good, all things considered, that I took it "way slow" again tonight. As a bonus when I got home dinner was ready and on the table. I have a good life and a great wife!


Rae said...

Mmmmm, I love the smell of laundry as I run!

Running Jayhawk said...

I miss having a neighborhood to run around...being in the city can be kinda tough...the only scent I get is sewage and car exhaust.

I'm jealous. :)