Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Maniacal Coincidence

Recovery from the Tecumseh Trail Marathon has gone smoothly. I continue to travel for work making my way to Calgary and back earlier this week. Thankfully the temperatures in Calgary were in the 30's on Wednesday. Everyone told me that the week before the temperature was -40°. That's cold no matter what scale you're on.

Work travel continues next week with a trip to Louisville, KY to visit an orthodontist on Monday followed by a flight to Montreal, a drive to Quebec and back and then home to fill all of next week. I was going to have to fly on Sunday to be at the office on Monday morning. Curiosity kicked in and I snooped around the internet just to see what I might find reasonably close to Louisville.

I came across this. Dean Karnazes had run the Otter Creek Trail Marathon as his 40th the day after he ran the Tecumseh Trail in Indiana. In an email to Joe at the time (around the end of October) I had joked to him that I should just hang around Indiana for a week and run my next marathon. No way that was going to happen, right?

Wrong. The doc I needed to see in Louisville, KY had suggested I come out on December 11. The plan was to fly in Sunday and back out Monday afternoon. Otter Creek is run on Sunday, December 10. The town of Brandenburg is 45 miles southwest of Louisville. Was it possible to run two trail marathons in the span of 9 days? I was going to be there any way. Why not fly in a day earlier and tackle marathon #11, state #9? You gotta love adding a state to the total with Corporate America subsidizing the airfare. This is a really small race and the weather looks to be ideal with cloudy conditions and highs in the 40's.

Now you know "What's Next?" and come Sunday if all goes well "Eight Down" will be the shortest lived title of this little blog.


Rae said...

Oh that is fantastic!!!! Why not?? When in KY run a marathon!! Too bad you aren't going to be a around a little longer! Louisville is only a 3 hour drive from us!

That anonymous comment is cracking me UP!

backofpack said...

And you didn't say anything about the title of your post, but it leads me to believe that you are planning to become...a Maniac! Yay!

Joe said...

So, it's gonna happen!! Wow.

Beware of anyone in a red Saturn offering to pick you up at the Louisville airport, Darrell...those types can't be trusted...might be an axe in there somewhere :-)

Here's hoping for a lot less mud!!!

Ryan said...

Looks like eight down is on its way out the door! I like your style...when in roam why not run another marathon…you sure are on the marathon maniac path!

BTW great report and pictures from the Tecumseh Trail marathon…way-to-go!

Funny thing about that comment above is her English writing skills are excellent??

Wes said...

You maniac! LOL. You go out and ROCK that one! Have fun! Good for you.

PLANET3RRY said...

We think alike... Do it! Rock On!

Lisa said...

Can corporate America pick up the tab to Hawaii, please???

Go you Maniac!!! :)

Love the post from your 16 year old Taiwanese admirer...


Sarah said...

Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!

Can't wait to read all about it. Have fun! : )

Robb said...

I think it's cool that you'll be in Quebec City...and Montreal. Very cool cities that I hope you have the opportunity to soak up. I imagine it will be coolish...a different cold from that of Calgary. I can't wait to read your impressions of the culture. When the heck are you coming to Halifax? Quebec City is only 10 hours from my back door.

Naturally, the best part of your post is reading about your plan to run another marathon. You nut. Good on you bud! That's fantastic.

Phil said...

I'd try to pick up the extra race ... who knows when you might get this chance again.

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robtherunner said...

That's awesome Darrell. I expect to see you signing up for the Maniacs as well. If not we will have to exert as much peer pressure on you as possible. Oh, and now I don't have to change the title of your blog on my sidebar just yet. I think I'll wait for number 9 to be in the books.

Anonymous said...

ummm 16yr old posts and viagra ads... hmmm this site is way too offensive for me...haha
Awesome Darrell WAY TO GO!!

and ya U may have to turn on your WORD Verification to keep out the spams :-)