Sunday, January 28, 2007

Eugene Training - Week 4

One of the unfortunate byproducts of my ramped up marathon schedule is the return of the "pain in the butt". My left piriformis muscle and/or sciatic are acting up again in full force. This happened last year when I tried to ramp up to 6 day weeks and got a little better with 2 days off, lower mileage and visits to a chiropractor for adjustments and massages. Although it never completely went away it was greatly diminished in intensity. It felt the best in December on less than 100 miles that month. Having now run four complete 6 day weeks the pain is back and gets worse each week. The pain is most intense while seated, especially while driving. The computer chair at home is none too comfortable but I don't seem to notice the pain much at work although I spend a lot of time at my desk.

Friday I saw the chiropractor. Initially things felt quite good, but now 2 days later the pain is back. I am thankful that it doesn't really bother me while running, I'm sure it has to have an effect on stride and form and thus an effect on pace. While running surely increases the irritation, a complete back away from running is nearly an impossibility for me to mentally stomach. So, probably to my own detriment long term, I continue to run.

Saturday I got to do something both new and familiar. Familiar in that I finally met up with the CA Cruisers after having scheduling conflicts since the Saturday before Christmas. New in that we met at Tagge's Gym at the corner of Wabash and Prospect for a loop trail I hadn't been on before. The planned loop is a 3 mile trail around a new upscale neighborhood in the northern hills of Yorba Linda. One of the runners knew of a grove of Coastal Redwoods that had been planted in 1975 near there so we took a detour to see them. After the Redwoods the trail continues on and many of the plants are identified along the route. We ended up to my surprise at Carbon Canyon Park which is really a nice park but more importantly it is the back way into the wonderful trails of Chino Hills State Park. I ran a variety of paces that day as I would switch between the lead group and the trailing group to make sure I knew where to go and to keep them on track as well. The loop ended up measuring 6 miles. Because of the frequent stops and starts I messed up my watch and don't have an accurate time. Dr. John, Cathe and I continued south on Prospect and joined the equestrian trail system in Yorba Linda for some additional miles. I was looking to do 15. Dr. John and Cathe turned back after 3 miles. I continued on alone for another mile and a half and turned around as well. I missed a turn on the way back and ended up with 15.4 miles for the day. I was definitely having a struggle for the last couple of miles but I had stupidly forgotten my Fuel Belt on this run. My last couple of 13-15 milers I've consumed 28 ounces of fluids and today I had none. I drank a lot once I got back to the car and took some Ibuprofen at home and was able to fend off my usual dehydration headache.

Sunday I headed over to Bonelli and ran the loop along the west side of the park. It is trails for about 2.5 miles then roads back to the car. The schedule called for 4 miles. When I checked the mileage back at home I realized I was short at 3.6 miles. I thought my 32:58 time was awfully fast for a 4 mile trail run. At 3.6 miles the pace was 9:10 about what I would expect on that particular mix of trail and road. I felt pretty strong once I hit the road section and kept the pace on the high side for a nice finish to the week.

The extra wrong turn mileage from Saturday and the short course on Sunday evened themselves out quite nicely and I was able to reach my weekly goal of 40 miles. For next week, all the midweek runs increase to 6 miles so I will spend some time this evening mapping new routes from my house. My usual 6 mile routes are in Bonelli or at the Dam neither of which I can do after work until Daylight Savings Time kicks in, so the streets of my neighborhood will have to suffice for now. Next weeks day off is Friday again followed by two running days and then Monday off. I will be looking forward to that.

My wife is recovering fairly well. She was able to go to church this morning and then after an hour or so rest at home she felt strong enough to go out for lunch; Italian. Tyler is home for the weekend so both boys joined us as well. She's napping now. I will wake her for dinner in the next hour or so.

Total miles for the week: 40

M: 5 miles, 48:02
T: 5 miles with 4x400
W: 6 miles, Hills, 1:01
H: 5 miles, 42:27
F: Rest
S: 15.4 miles, operator/watch malfunction
S: 3.6 miles, Hills, 32:58


Backofpack said...

Sorry to hear about your pain in the butt! I am a firm believer in a couple of rest days every week - I take Monday and Friday. Once in a while I'll run on a rest day, but not too often. Instead, to increase mileage I do two a days. I'll be starting up the next cycle of those soon. Hope you start feeling better!

Wes said...

Grrrrr. Injuries, injuries, injuries! Makin me mad! Too bad you forgot that fuel belt on the 15.4 miler. I just used mine for the first time, and I don't think I would do anything over 9 without it. What's up with all these missing turns and stuff? I thought I was the only one that did that ;-)

Jessica Deline said...

injuries are a ... pain in the butt! ;) Glad your wife is feeling better!

Anne said...

Fifteen-plus miles without any liquids?! Wow, color me impressed. I'm also glad to hear your wife's recovering nicely from her surgery.

I injured my piriformis muscle a few years ago and went through physical therapy for it. Rest was actually the only real cure. Have you considered cutting back to 5 days?

Donald said...

Glad to hear your wife is well. Hope the leg heals up soon!

Joe said...

Boy, what is it with the injuries?? My ITB will sympathize with your piriformis minimus painimus maximus.

If I had some brilliant advice, I'd give it, but I don't...other than thinking carefully and paying close attention.

And remembering your fuel belt :-)

Ryan said...

I hope that pain settles down for you! No fuel belt...sounds just like something I did this weekend…forgetting something can easily change the outcome of a long run! Glad to see you still got the miles in =)

Rae said...

Great job with all the miles & glad they're not TOO painful. Maybe there's a sports doc you can see??

I don't see how you made 15 w/o water! That's awesome!!!

Juls said...

Darrel, I am sorry to read about all of your pain. I hope you can get through it and back it off completely soon. You've got the advice from others, I'll let it go at that as I can't even imagine the sort of mileage and # of marathons that you are putting in.