Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eugene Training - Week 14

Already Tuesday, unbelievable.

I guess the title should really be Week 14.3 or something. Last week was a scheduled 5 day week so I had Monday and Friday off just like in the old days before I decided to try this training plan for the second time. I've made it this far but have yet to decide what I will do once I get through Eugene.

My wife had Friday off from work. I took a half day vacation and we had a nice lunch together.

I ended up heading down to Yorba Linda for the last 22 miler. I arrived a little early and by 7:00 no one else had showed up. It was a grey, misty morning with temps in the middle 50's. I headed out. The day turned into an old school day. Just after 4 miles I ran into Denis and John coming back the opposite way. They were 9 miles into their last 22 as well. At mile 7 I happened upon Mary and Cathe. They had gotten a late start. We stopped and talked for a few minutes. They were on their way and I hit the facilities, for the second time (It was that kind of run). A couple of miles later I caught up the Mary and Cathe. I stayed with them for the next three miles. I even took walk breaks with them. I stressed out a little when one of them stretched to nearly 2 minutes but I hung in there with them until they turned back at my mile 12.

It was there that we ran into Julie and Gary and stopped to take another chat break. I still had 10 miles to go. Around mile 14 I ran into John again and then at mile16 I saw Denis again. John had cut his 22 miler a little short. I made it back to where I started in 3:23:29. I was tired but felt like I could finish 4 more easily. The problem is I can't finish 4.2 miles in 7 minutes, oops!

I know better than to race the long runs, but I still can't help but wonder. I went back at looked up my long runs for the last three road runs. I don't seemed to have gotten any faster this time around. I certainly have put in more miles but it seems to me to be at the same pace as always.

I don't know what it all means, if anything, but I thought I would learn something.
The sun never made an appearance the rest of the day and everyone in my family took a nap; something that almost never happens.

4 miles on the west side of Bonelli on Sunday morning, again in the gray mist topped of the week. There was no sunrise at the Sunrise Easter services around here. We took Grandma and Aunt Leslie with us for a trek down to San Diego and enjoyed dinner with Tyler at Prego.

Miles for the week: 42

M: Rest

T: 5 miles, 40:43 (8:09 pace)

W: 6 miles, 47:16 (7:53 pace)

H: 5 miles, 44:19 (8:52 pace)

F: Rest

S: 22 miles, 3:23 (9:15 pace)

S: ~4 miles, 42:17 (10:34 pace)

The cross is at the top of Garcia Trail where I ran a few weeks ago on Glendora Ridge Motorway.


Wes said...

So, Darrell, after all of that, do you think Eugene will be the big test then? You know, that race where you have to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible? I get those fairly often, because I'm still new at this, but this is the big 1-0 for you. I can imagine that the more and more you run, it gets a little harder to push that envelope.

In any case, you crossed another milestone with your successful 6 a week training schedule. Now its time for the big dance. Woo hooo!!!

Backofpack said...

I'm starting to get nervous about Eugene - but more because of the 50K the week before. I have a fear that I'll be too tired, too soon in Eugene. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So, if you ran that run without the walk breaks, chat breaks, and potty stops, how much time do you think it would have peeled off? Other than the potty stops, you'll probably run straight through in Eugene, right? I can't remember - are you shooting for Boston? If so, what time?

Jessica Deline said...

I'm sure you are going to rock at Eugene! Oh and cool picture of the cross on top of the hill!

Anne said...

Yes, I love that picture of the cross. I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised in Eugene. You've trained smartly for this one.

Joe said...

so much of the marathon time happens (or is lost) from mile 22 onward, as you well know Darrell. I suspect you may find you are stronger at that point than before. You are certainly mentally prepared. The hill work will do you well on the flat-ish course at Eugene.

When do we broach the plan for the 21st to the group???!!

DREW said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am of your race in Eugene. It's on my birthday and I wanted to go, but . . .

Do make some time to stop by Hayward field on the U of O campus. One of, if the the best track facilities on the world. And it's open to the public (unless they're having practice). Do a lap for me!