Monday, August 27, 2007

Squeezin' Em In

No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to manage more than a weekly post these days. Maybe that is enough.

Last week was just like every other week, 5 days of running with Monday and Friday scheduled as the rest days. But it didn’t exactly turn out that way. I made my mileage goal (almost) but not in the way it was originally on paper.

Monday – I enjoyed my rest day.
Tuesday – I put in 4 miles O&B (out and back) on part of my Bonelli Sunday Loop.
Wednesday – over to Bonelli again for 5 miles on the Cottontail O&B.

Then things started moving around a little. I already knew that I wasn’t going to be doing my long run, a relatively easy 11 miler, on Saturday because we were scheduled to go on a bike ride/beach outing with friends. My original plan was to get up about 30 minutes early on Friday and head over to the Santa Fe Dam, lay down the 11 and get to work a little late. But, on Wednesday I was reminded that I had Friday Goodies this week.

Friday Goodies have been a department tradition going on at least 10 years. We rotate around weekly for treats. With about 2 dozen people in the department you get the honor of bringing in the eats about twice a year. The treats run from the predictable donuts, on up through bagels, muffins, even frozen waffles with fruit, syrup and whip cream. We often get homemade goodies and a couple of times a guy brought in an electric skillet and made omelets for everyone (haven’t had that one in a while). On your Goodie Day is not a good day to be late to work. The masses descend on the coffee area at 8:00 on the dot and there had better be something there. It doesn’t have to be good; it just has to be there!

I really didn’t want to get up earlier to make sure I was there when the vultures landed. I already had other plans Friday night. So, when to do the 11 miles?

I decided on Thursday night right after work. I had originally planned another 4 in Bonelli like Tuesday. The question was how to turn the 4 into 11. I finally realized that Bonelli is 3.5 miles from home, so I ran there, did my 4 miles and ran home. 11 miles just like that. I thought I was pretty smart for figuring that one out.

Friday – I had just enough time between work and my other commitment to get 4 miles done at the Dam.

Saturday we had fun riding “The Strand” from El Segundo to Redondo Beach. I’ve lived in California 23 years and had never been on that particular beach. It is truly a west facing beach. Many of the other So Cal beaches face more southerly. Our group rode back and spent the night at a hotel near the beach.

Sunday – I got up early and ran down Manhattan Beach Blvd about 2 miles and then ran north on The Strand. I had quickly devised this route at the business center in the hotel and turned around at what was the 3 mile mark rather than the 3.5 mile mark I intended. (I had notes in my pocket but neglected to check them.) So I got in 6 instead of 7. It was a beautifully cool morning that left me with a longing to move to the beach. 30 miles for the week.

David and others have asked how my foot is feeling. I am happy to report that it is nearly completely better. I get an occasional twinge and soreness now and then but it doesn’t seem to bother me much on the run.

Sadly this week the hip decided to act up in a big way. I find this rather peculiar on a cutback week. It started bothering on Wednesday when I was trying to push the pace a little and then would act up in each subsequent run. Since Sunday it has ached nearly non stop. It has been a year that this thing has been nagging me. This is especially frustrating since I am now at the point that the schedule really begins to ramp up in preparation for MCM. I may need to scale back the mid week runs just as I did last year before St. George. I’m sure you know how much I don’t like that thought but as someone else said recently, “you’ve got to listen to your body” and “think long term.” I missed my last chiropractor appointment nearly a month ago and haven’t rescheduled. It may be time to do that, too. Grrrrrrr.

On a totally unrelated non-running note; has anyone seen the new Lewis Comfort Tiffany stamp? It is way too nice of a piece of art to stick on the cable bill just to get thrown in the trash. I used to collect stamps as a kid. This one makes me want to get into First Day Covers all over again.


Wes said...

I, for one, just want to say that I am not getting my money's worth out of ya. You are just going to have to do better. If not, I'll start a tab you can make good in Huntsville :-)

Danny said...

:-( on the hip. it really is so hard to think long term...

(and btw, what did you bring in for goodie day?)

Sarah said...

I can't believe you didn't tell us what you brought for goodie day! : )

I know that just making that chiro appt can start the healing process for me. Placebo effect? I don't care...I'll take it. : )

Sorry about the hip acting up! I wonder if we have the same affliction. I'm pretty sure mine is bursitis because the aggressive anti-inflammatory treatment seems to be working wonders. But the real test will be when I try a run tomorrow. Take care!

Anne said...

Yes, I want to know what goodies you brought too. You've piqued our curiosity. The hip tends to take the brunt for whatever minute adjustments we make while another area is healing...or so I've discovered.

I agree on the stamp use. I've been affixing the Super Heroes series to our bills and it just doesn't seem right. The Tiffany lamp is next.

Joe said...

Man, I'm hungry just thinking about your goodies :-)

Blog when you can, Darrell...keep running, mostly.

Boy, I'm bummed about your hip, my friend. That is really tough. Obsess a bit on it and you'll find some way through. But I know it is really frustrating as you ramp for MCM.

Hang in there. Maybe a chocolate covered donut will help??

Annette said...

I found myself wondering what you took for Goodie Day, too! :)

Sounds like some good runs and a decent amount of miles. Way to go. Take care of that hip before it leads to other issues!

Be careful what you say on my blog - I may take you up on that offer of running Hood to Coast next time we have a runner bail on us. :) (Don't worry, we'll have Mama Pizutti cooking something up for you!)

Backofpack said...

Yeah, but what about the goodies? I notice everyone is asking - I guess we know where runners minds focus!

I notice more aches and pains in cutback weeks too - I think everything starts to relax and let go and the pains float to the top. That's my theory!

PLANET3RRY said...

I feel your pain on trying to get blog posts out... man o' man.

Glad to hear that the foot is okay. Sometime back I wrote about the Shakira Effect (Hips don't lie)... I am not sure what I said, if it made any sense OR if it would apply to you at all.

Well, off to start a blog post...

scott keeps running said...

my knee started hurting during a cutback week also. so i think this proves that cutback weeks are actually dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. :)