Friday, September 21, 2007

Sheduling Conflict

I mentioned a big project at work that I’ve been preparing since just before I went to the Caribbean and I’m still working to pull it together. At the end of August I was given the opportunity to travel to Panama City, Panama to conduct technical training on our newest products for the Latin America Sales Team. Pulling together the presentation has been exciting and yet very stressful; a month notice is not really enough time to pull it all together. Add in the fact that my vacation interfered with one week of the preparation. I will get through the presentation. My real predicament is my running schedule.

The Panama trip takes place over the week of October 2 to October 6. I won’t get back home until late on Sunday night. I’ve been following Hal Higdon’s intermediate program so the long runs leading up to MCM starting this weekend look like this:

20 – 12 – 20 – 12 – 8 – 26.2

The second 20 miler falls on the weekend I’m in Panama. It is doubtful that I will be able to run a 20 miler in an unfamiliar place. I’m afraid that 20 miles in a foreign country could put in places I might not want to go or shouldn’t be. I’m seeking advice from my blogging friends on the correct adjustment to be made to the schedule. I have a couple of proposed scenarios below. Please cast your vote:

A: (12-18) – 20 – Panama – 12 – 8 – 26.2
B: 20 – 12 – Panama – 20 – 8 – 26.2

Assuming that I will be able to run 5 to 10 somewhere near the hotel in Panama City. Basically I have the choice of an overly long taper or an abbreviated taper. I appreciate your input.

Have a great run!


Backofpack said...

With your base and your experience I think either scenario will work. I would vote for A just because I like really rested legs (and no blisters) going into a marathon - but I think either will work fine.

As for Idaho next year - it is not currently on my schedule. Were you talking CD'A? It was fun once but I'm not sure I'm interested in repeating it, so we will have to wait and see!

DREW said...

I'm going to take the easy way and cheat.

How about if you do your plan A but make the 20 miler a 22-24 miler? I did a 24 mile run in the ramp up to the Denver marathon last year and it was a huge confidence booster knowing I'd done all but 2 miles of a marathon in training.

I would not sacrifice the 3 week long run taper that Higdon suggests. There's a chance that your body would still be recovering from the 20 miler two weeks out in your plan A.

Sarah said...

I vote for plan B. I'd much rather have a shorter taper than a longer taper. But that's me and I am definitely NOT an expert when it comes to marathon training. I think a lot of it depends on your goals for MCM.

David said...


yumke said...

Long taper sounds like the best scenario. Just get the 20 milers in and you'll be ready....

scott keeps running said...

I like A better. Another option (maybe not as attractive) would be to find a shortish loop (~2 miles?) around your hotel in Panama and do laps to meet the mileage without having to stray too far into unknown territory.

Randy said...

In looking at your choices and thinking of what we just did...rather successfully for our work getting ready for the Lewis & Clark last weekend I would opt for Option A.

Good luck on your trip to Panama that sounds exciting...but do be careful running down there....

Joe said...

"The man with two watches does not know what time it is."

Oh my.

I looked hard before I read other comments and my gut feel, for your experience, was to go with plan B. I think that will put you in better shape to do well at MCM.

But, I can't guage your foot or hip injury tendency...and that data would flip me more towards A.

So, there, not much help from this quarter.

Cool you get to go to Panama, though. did you know the West end of the panama canal is farther east than the "east" end??

Anonymous said...

don't sweat it...just run around panama with your fist in the air yelling 'VIVA NORRIEGA!!'

everyone will think you are nuts and leave you alone.

Anne said...

I think even Hal advocates being flexible and getting in what you can, when you can. That's why I love his training schedules. They work! Don't worry about the extra long taper. Who knows, maybe it'll actually benefit you since you'll arrive at the start with fresher legs.

PLANET3RRY said...

I'm catching up too, so if it's too late.

I vote for A, except that after panama it's 14 and not 12