Saturday, October 13, 2007


Fitness begins when you do - slogan on a t-shirt I saw during a long run in Huntington Beach.

When Tyler was home for the break between terms I mentioned an 8 miler that we did together over at the San Gabriel River Bike Path. I forgot to mention another run we took. Monday of that week (way back on 9/24) Tyler still needed to get his run in when I got home from work. I suggested that we give Bonelli a try. I debated which trails to take him on for his inaugural trail run and decided on the trail along the west side of the park. We could get in 3.5 miles with about half of it on trail and half on road.

I described the trail section as "a decent hill at the start, some rollers in the middle with another decent hill at the end." Tyler said "What you really mean is a really big hill at the start, some big hills in the middle and another really big hill at the end!" I got the idea that he didn't trust my judgement when it came to hills.

After about a half mile warm up on the roads we hit the trail and headed up hill. Tyler made it up the whole thing without stopping. I was proud. As we ran along we talked about school and running. About half way through the trail he said "This kind of running is fun." Huh, you think?

When we came to the last "really big hill", he motored right up the 4 or 5 switchbacks like a pro. We cruised back down the road to the car.

Tyler has been home again this weekend, since Wednesday. His birthday is tomorrow. Coincidence? He'll be 20, so we are down to one teenager and one adult (?) child. He's done three runs since he got home Wednesday and all three have been in Bonelli, one on the asphalt picnic loop and the other two on the trail. I think we've got a convert on our hands.


Joe said...

What a great time to have with your chef-in-the-making, Darrell! Very cool! Glad you could introduce him to trails.

And since when, anyway, does a kid trust all the judgements of his Dad??!!!!!

scott keeps running said...

there is something special about going out for a run with your dad. my dad got me into running and i've cherished each run we've had since then. i'm happy for you two.

Backofpack said...

Way to go Dad! That's so cool. And 20 years old, isn't that kind of an amazing thing, to discover you have a 20 year old child on your hands? I really don't think either you or I are old enough to have children that old!

robtherunner said...

We took the middle school kids on trail the other day and they loved it. They especially liked yelling out "log," "stump," "rock," or anything else we came along and sounded off from front to back. There are about 8-10 kids in our running club and they seem to enjoy themselves.

Happy 20th to Tyler!

Wes said...

Way to go, Dad! Woo hoo! I'm thinking about running the local mountain bike trail soon. We'll see :-)

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Tyler. And any hill that has switchbacks, is a really big hill.

glad you two get to run together. that's priceless.

Sarah said...

Another trail runner is born! Yay! : )

angie's pink fuzzy said...

that's a great quote.

and yay! another convert!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

How fun to get to run together. My kids are small and I enjoy taking my 8 year old on short runs on our park paved trail as he rides his bike. He always tells me he wants to run it with me someday. Someday it is! I can't wait. Another great way to spend time with the kids.

PLANET3RRY said...

That quote hits home!

sniff sniff, what's that I smell? A new trail runner. That's so awesome that he loves the trails, just like his daddy!

Anne said...

I like that quote!