Monday, September 01, 2008


18A - Stick with it
24A - Never say die
41A - Keep on keeping on
51A - Hang in there
63A - Don't quit now

Perseverance was the theme of the August 28 crossword and as usual I'm running behind so I just got to it today, September 1. The five phrases above all had the same clue - "Persevere!"

I took advantage this morning of the Monday holiday and did my training "run" this morning. I've got school tomorrow night and I couldn't pass up the chance to run on a work free day. The schedule called for 5 miles. This would be the first time I've gotten back to that distance midweek since the injury.

To not cause any further stress to my leg I decided to go super conservative and did the "run" at a 1:5 ratio. Yes, I walked for 5 minutes and ran for 1. It was probably a little over kill but it worked. At first it felt awkward doing the run:walk backwards but after a while I kind of fell into a rhythm.

I "ran" my Cotton Tail Trail in Bonelli and even took a cue from Joe's friends Dick and Marilyn and picked up trash along the trail during my walk segments. At one point I came upon 5 mountain bikers on the trail coming toward me. The lead rider yelled out "Runner!". The funny thing is I was on one of my walking breaks. So although I walked most of my "run" I guess I still looked the part.

After the "run" I hit the gym for some upper body work before heading home. I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the garage. Lisa was able to get her car back in there for the first time since I started the bathroom remodel in April. I replaced the last two doors, the hall closet and Bryan's room, the day before. Just trim work and painting to go.

I've reevaluated the plan. I haven't taken any distances out yet but I may minimize the number of 20+ milers before Memphis. I've definitley given new thought to run:walk or walk:run; whatever it takes. I did check the website and Memphis is walker friendly, so one thing hasn't changed - I WILL be in Memphis. If I have to walk half the darn thing I'm getting it done and moving onto to state #14. Someday.

*Thanks to Joe and the crossword for the inspiration.


Wes said...

Yay! Persevere :-)

~Lisa said...

yay!!! Don't give up. You have worked far too hard at this.

Joe said...

Darrell, this is very encouraging. I can "hear" the upbeat tone in your voice. And if a 1/5 is what it takes, so be it.

Given the injury pattern this year, I'd concur on limiting yourself to one or two 20 milers and nothing over 20. In your experience, you know what happens past that for Beele Street (I think that is spelled wrong, but you know what I mean).

Cool you had the crossword puzzle...inspiration comes from varied places! Glad I could help a little!

FLYERS26 said...

Nice work. Keep it up !

Anne said...

Keep taking things one day at a time and keep listening to your body. I'm glad Memphis is walker-friendly, so that's at least one option to help take off the (mental) pressure.

robtherunner said...

There's no shame in walking. I think it's the smart and safe way to proceed to the next marathon.

Catherine said...


Sorry you're having pain again. I know how frustrating that is. You wonder if it's the injury again or just normal aches and pains of running again.

Glad you enjoyed my fair story. Yes, small down-home fairs are the best.