Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Filling Holes and Painting Doors

Finishing the painting of the doors was the official reason I gave for taking the day off on Monday. I had an extra company paid personal holiday left to take along with over 6 weeks of vacation in the bank and a huge hole in my work calender that needed filling.

But a day off can't be all work and no play. A day off during the week is a day to run, a day to run free, to run wild, to run a little dangerously.

Before I donned the old painted shorts and t-shirt, before I gathered the blue tape and the brush, I donned my trusty running gear and headed out to Bonelli.

I had the whole day in front of me. I decided that I'd played it safe long enough. I've run in Bonelli all summer but only on the flattest, easiest paths. Monday was different.

I had plenty of reasons not to run dangerously. I'd come so far from not running at all in the spring. I was only 5 weeks out from my one and only marathon in 2008. Now was not a good time to blow it. But there are no guarantees, so I headed out.

I strapped on my trail shoes for the first time since the Winter Trail Series back in February. I did put in the orthotics. The Cascadias felt good. I planned to run my beloved Sunday Morning 5 Mile Loop for the first time in months. I was excited.

The trail was in perfect condition. The light rains that we'd had over the weekend had knocked down all the dust but not soaked the clay soil to the point that it clumped mercilessly to my shoes. I started the run under cloudy skies with an ever so slight mist. It was a perfect re-entry, energizing run.

During the rehab process I've run this trail up to the 2 mile mark but have always turned around and retraced my steps. Today I cruised right on by that mark and kept going intent on finishing the entire loop.

As a nod to sanity and prudence, I stuck to the 5 minute run/1 minute walk routine. I thoroughly enjoyed running the back part of the loop. I'd missed it. The big hills at the end were still steep but I has thrilled to be moving up them. By the time I hit the 4.5 miles the sun was shining brightly; perfectly reflecting my mood.

Post run, all seems to be well. I indulged my running inner child and still got the doors painted. I think I'll check my work calendar for some more holes.

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Pat said...

The run sounds fantastic. The painting, not so much.

I wish our AZ trails weren't so full of large rocks.

Backofpack said...

Yay for you Darrell! Nothing like running a beloved trail to spark the mind, refresh the spirit and build the body. Glad you decided to run dangerously!

David said...

Boy, I wish I had trails.

Danny said...

sounds nice. i actually avoid trails because of weak ankles, but you make it sound so great...

Nick said...

Good to hear the progression has been positive.
Thanks for the reminder. I need to check my vacation calendar too.

Legs and Wings said...

Running dangerously is a grand notion. I guess that's partly why I like those early morning runs in the dark - there's something dangerous and exciting about it all.

I'll be watching closely as you close in on Memphis. All the best - oh dangerous one!

Wes said...

A prudent test!! you got an A++ :-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to get back to the trails you know and love? :) Sounds like a decent day off.

Joe said...

Great run, Darrell.

Psycologically, you really crossed a couple of key boundaries. That's terrific. You did the 5 miles on the trail. You built confidence. And, since you didn't comment on any pain in the shins, I'm guessing it went smoothly in that department.

Technically, you were smart to a) go in the daylight and b) to use the R/W. That was good insurance.

Cool...very cool.

Journey to a Centum said...


It's really great that the ol bod has healed up and it sounds like you are back on track.

Keep pushing and enjoy!


Burger said...

A I miss you so.

Great job buddy.

Catherine said...

Nothing like an injury to make us appreciate the simple things like running our beloved trails. Congrats on a nice run.

robtherunner said...

That's the way to take advantage of a personal day at home. I probably would have finished the running part, but I am not so sure about the painting.

Philip said...

Mark down another banner day for the D-man. : )