Thursday, October 15, 2009


In two days I'm off to the middle of America, to Des Moines, Iowa, to run another marathon. So why Des Moines? And why now? There's a few good reasons:

1. I really wanted to run the Harrisburg Marathon in Harrisburg, PA in November (the why of that I will explain in another post). But with the big Anniversary Party for my parents we deemed it out of the question this year.
2. I really wanted to run more than one state in 2009 to capitalize on my Yasso directed training plan.
3. My wife wasn't going to be able to join me wherever I went so I went on the lookout in states that she had little desire to visit. Iowa fit the bill.
4. Des Moines in in Iowa.
5. Iowa is a state I haven't run a marathon in.
6. Lisa didn't mind missing out on Des Moines.
7. I found a decent airfare and hotels are relatively inexpensive in Des Moines. (compared to places like San Francisco, New York City and Washington, DC).
8. Seven reasons are enough.

This last week of training was an easy one, just two 5 milers to be run at an easy pace. Tuesday I had the chance to run in the rain. I ran the picnic loop in Bonelli and ran through the middle of a high school cross meet that had just recently finished up. The run in the rain was a rare opportunity and I enjoyed it. At least up until the point that I got home and looked down at my shirt and realized I'd suffered the dreaded BNS (bloody nipple syndrome). Oh joy.

Wednesday we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate the oldest son's 22 B-day. Tonight I headed back over to Bonelli for what may end up being my last after work Bonelli run of the season. It is that time of the year where the daylight starts to run out faster than I can. I ran the Cottontail route in an easy 53:31 for the 5 miles.

I packed my bags tonight. I'm working tomorrow and catching a flight out on Saturday to arrive in Des Moines just in time to hit the expo and the pasta dinner and then call it a night before race day on Sunday morning. I've played with a race predictor and that little PR at the Santa Monica 10K would predict a sub 4:00 marathon. It is doubtful that I could do that, but I'm thinking I might try to shoot for a 4:10. When it comes down to it I will be happy just getting across the finish line.

Fifteen Down.....coming real soon!

**scoop - hang on for details on Sixteen Down, sooner than you might think.


Nick said...

Best of Luck. Who knows, you might pull off a 4 hour.

Pat said...

Good luck in Iowa. I drove past a Bonelli sign on the 10 while in SoCal and it reminded me of you. Hope the weather cooperates.

Sarah said...

Good luck and have fun!

Wes said...

My favorite reason: I wanna :-)

I can't believe you ran the Cottontail Trail and we didn't get a bunnies per mile update!? WTH?!?!

Have a safe trip!! Have fun! you will do awesome....

Lisa said...

So no offense to Iowans, but yeah, it's not high up on my list of places I need to visit.

I see a 4 hour marathon... :)

Anne said...

Safe travels, and have a great time in Des Moines. From what I remember of that fair city, it was really flat - unlike other parts of Iowa I also remember. You'll have a great time, and on a budget.

jokach said...

Good luck in your race, I enjoyed reading your blog .. can't wait to read your race report.

Joe said...

Hope you have your feet propped up, all the gear laid out and a quiet spirit, ready for a good night's sleep. I'm sure you have your instant oatmeal ready for heating in the you have a microwave??!!

Dang, your times are's hoping for an excellent time tomorrow. You won't have to worry about heat!!

Say "hi" to the famous Merle Hay Mall for me in Des Moines!!

Joe said...

Hey, cool feature...I just signed up for email alerts on your progress...will make for a fun Sunday morning. I have info from my neice running a HM in Columbus, OH and you with the full mary in Des Moines! Hooray for the heartland!!

Anonymous said...

I see you will be racing in 45 minutes. Good luck on number 15!