Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Running Lunch

Somewhere along the way I became that guy that doesn't like to run after work. I'm not into the chilly evening darkness. On the other side of the coin I'm definitely not the get up early and get my run in so I can get to work guy either. It's just easier to face the challenge of hitting the paces of this training program on a well marked course in the daylight when I can clearly see the markings. All the better than I can do it on the bike path rather than running circles around the track.

So for at least a month now I've been doing my 2 midweek runs at lunch time and I'm loving it. Up today was 3 x 1600. My goal was 7:20 to 7:50 pace. I was a bit worried about making it a whole mile at that pace. I notoriously run my first repeat too fast so today I worked really hard trying to stay near the 7:50 end of things. I managed that pretty well and let the chips fall where they may for the last two. The 3 miles came in at 7:40, 7:23 and 7:24; another decent effort in the books.

All told I ran 6.5 miles for the day and continuing my foray into barefoot running ran my last mile sans shoes in 11:36. It really is kind of fun to do.


Wes said...

great workout! we don't have the luxury of mile markers around these parts :-)

Greg said...

Congrats on hitting your training goals and winning the day.It sounds like the variation in your training schedule is paying off.

Detroit Runner said...

Wish I could run at lunch but no shower at work.

Joe said...

It's really cool you can get that noon-time run in, Darrell. You are fortunate. To have a marked bike path right there is really terrific.

Nice splits...that has to be encouraging for you!!