Sunday, June 05, 2011

Old Men and Ladies

That’s all I encountered on my run this morning. Circumstances led to me running a 20 miler by myself on the multi-use path along the beach in Huntington Beach. It was a perfect morning for a long run; overcast with temperatures in the 60’s. Heading north the wind was at my back. Once I turned around to head back the wind was in my face and made it a bit cool but it helped keep the sweat out of my eyes. The sun came out around mile 16 as did a couple of younger people out running.

I used a 6 minute run:1 minute walk routine throughout the run. I got fatigued after mile 16 or so but not to the point of crippling. I ran the first 10 miles at 10:00 pace (near perfect to expectations) and the second 10 miles in a not totally unexpected 11:00 pace. Although I slowed down, I never felt like I couldn’t keep going.

During the run I ran into Tom Prendergast out for his daily run. He is 72 years old runs about 6 miles nearly every day on the multi-use path. I’d first met time on the trail in March 2005. As often as I run the trail I’d think I would see him more often. I ran with him from my mile 13 to 15 without walk breaks. I was great to have some company for a little while.

I often see another older guy on the trail always in a grey Purdue t-shirt. He always makes me think of Joe. I’m sure he was out there somewhere but in my 20 miles our paths just didn’t cross.

Friday night I’d gotten a call from fellow CA Cruiser and 50 State hopeful, Margaret. She was in Casper, Wyoming to check of that state on her list. She’d run into some folks from Canada that were extolling the virtues of the Humpy’s Anchorage Marathon. It is run in August. Part of the route is on the bike trail that I ran last year when I was in Anchorage on the cruise with my parents. Although it is enticing to get Alaska checked off, I don’t think I can swing it this year.

Only 6 weeks until my 22nd state, Montana and the Missoula Marathon.


ShoreTurtle said...

Good luck in Montana! Hopefully, it won't snow.

Wes said...

nice! I wanna run 6 miles a day when I'm that age. and really 67* right now? What little slice of Hades do you live in? :-)

Anne said...

I always wanted to do Humpy's, especially when I lived in Alaska. Not too many marathoners where you stand a good chance of having moose block the course. Beware of the misquitos if you do eventually make it there.

Joe said...

Hey, I'm a few days late, must be like the guy in the Purdue t shirt you often see!

Glad you got through the 20 feeling OK, Darell, that's a good step.

Hope the cookies aren't all gone yet :-)