Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It Figures

This Sunday is the Inaugural Disneyland Half Marathon. If you remember I waited a day too long to register for it. Then when more spots opened up, I was a day late once again, having to check on possible work travel plans before plunking down $85. I might have used my friend Terry husband's entry if his training didn't go well. He's running after all and I'm glad for him. Call it karma, call it bad luck, the race didn't really fit into my marathon schedule very well anyway, falling on a weekend of a 22 miler. So I pretty much gave up any thought of running this event. My wife had even cancelled our hotel room on Tuesday.

Then today I got a call at work from one of the Cruiser's. There's a bib available if I want it. I initially declined the offer. I thought that with the hip less than 100% and really wanting to get the 22 in on Saturday, that a half the next day probably wasn't the best idea. I have nothing to gain by running this except for a really cool medal. As the day has worn on, I'm thinking more and more that I want to go run it. There's also the ethical ramifications of running with a non-transferable bib. If the sponsor was someone other that the BIG Disney machine I might feel a little bad about doing it.

An another note, I ran into Lonny at work. He's the coworker I ran into at the Great Race of Agoura. He is going to pace for someone in his running group this weekend at the Angeles Crest 100. He's going to run from 52 mile aid station to the 74 mile aid station. There's only one aid station in between. He expects to be running during the dark. Looks like it should be a lot of fun. I'm not sure I'll ever be up to that distance, but if I were its right here in the mountains I see everyday. Good luck to Lonny and his pacee!

My run last night was spectacular. I headed over to Bonelli after work and ran my 5 mile Sunday morning loop. I was able to push hard and ended up clocking in a 47:41, probably my best time for this particular route. I'm usually in no big hurry on Sunday mornings after Saturday long runs. I guess running less miles has it advantages. The hip is getting better, but I took tonight off anyway.


Juls said...

I am glad that the hip is feeling better. I am with you running for the cool medals, but it was probably wise of you to skip it. There will be more opportunities for cool races and medals.

Robb said...

The best part is that your hip has improved. That's good news.

I've had something the same happen in running fewer miles in that I'm getting faster. Perhaps the rest or easier schedule builds speed? How can that be? Maybe the down time helps your muscles recover a bit...almost like a taper effect. Anyhow, thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. I appreciate your thoughts.

jeffem said...

If you decide to run let me know so I can put your "alias" in to have your chip splits sent to me along with the others. Maybe since they are making you arrive at 4 or 4:30 for the 6am start you could do a 9 mile warmup and then the race would get you to 22... :)

Donald said...

The medal is Cinderella's castle, right? I don't know if that's worth risking injury, but my daughter would sure love it. And I'm sure the race will be fun, whether you run it hard or not.

Sarah said...

Glad your hip is feeling better!

My only problem with running under someone else's bib is I wouldn't get credit if I had the race of a lifetime.

Rae said...

Hope the hip continues to behave itself and the 22 went fabulously!!