Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Movin' Out

So far this week has been hectic but I've kept up with the running schedule. Nothing monumental, no speed, no tempo, just ticking off the lower scheduled miles at an even pace. Monday I didn't get out until 9:00 p.m., I felt like Wes. It seems to me with his busy schedule he's always getting out there pretty late.

Tuesday I was able to get one more run at Bonelli on the trail along the western edge of the park. A year and a half ago when I first ran this trail is was nothing more than a single track with shoulder high mustard on either side, pure joy. This summer the skinny little trail has become a virtual two lane road through the park. There have been at least 3 fires in the park in the last year, so this summer the heavy equipment came out and changed the trails. They make better fire breaks and allow access for the fire fighting equipment. The trails still go up and down and around, but I miss the ruggedness and confinement of the single track.

Tonight I put in 4 miles. 4 miles seems like so little. Before the hip issue, my short midweek runs were 6 miles. It just seems funny to be running this distance. I haven't run "only" 4 miles since my taper for SEAFAIR back in June.

Tomorrow is the big day. Not for me. For my oldest son. Tomorrow he's taking all his earthly belongings (computer, TV and some clothes) and moving to San Diego. He begins his first year at the Art Institute to study culinary arts. My wife is getting all misty. I'm excited. I've said that this is the day I've been waiting for since the day he was born, literally. The way I see it, this is just part of the natural progression of events.

My own parents were married when my Dad was 20, my Mom was 18. They moved out of their parent's homes and have made their own home together for the last 47 years. When I graduated from high school, I went off to college at 18. I spent the first summer at home and was never back again for more than a week during the next 3 years. Twenty three years ago I moved from OH to CA when I was only 22.

The boys getting on with their own lives has always been my expectation. So far, Tyler has been meeting the expectation. Before I start sounding too calloused and hard hearted, I'm not exactly dropping the poor boy like a hot potato. He's driving around in a truck we paid for (I bought my first car after I moved to CA) and he won't have to worry about tuition, we've committed to paying for that (I paid my own tuition with savings and loans). He turns 19 in a couple of weeks, so I know he'll be home then. Likely with all his dirty laundry (yes, I did that. What college student doesn't?) and we'll send him back with a pantry full of groceries. Hopefully we've instilled in him enough common sense, responsibility, ethics, morality and integrity to serve him well. I'm not too worried.

Tyler, you are going to do great and don't forget to call you mother every once in a while.


Joe said...

Wow, forget running for a moment. This is a big deal for Tyler. He's learned well from you and Lisa. Now he gets to prove it. And learn even more.

All the best to him and to Mom and Dad and younger brother! The house will feel different!

Wes said...

4 miles, 4 miles. Ahummmm. Poor baby! LOL. You just hang in there and run enough not to drive you crazy before your marathon. One of the things we do as parents is work real hard to smooth our childrens transition(s) in life while teaching them the same and better values that we learned while growing. The pride in your post shows. Tyler will show his colors when he gets out on his own.

I love cooking!!! In another life I would have gone to culinary school myself, I think. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

PLANET3RRY said...

It's at this point that your son will realize that his old man actually knows a thing or two!

culinary skillz that pay the billz, that's cool!

Mike said...

Culinary school sounds very cool- being a chef sounds much more fun / exciting then the typical jobs we regular schmoes are parked at...

Keep it rolling with the running- consistency is key. You seem to have that number down!

Anonymous said...

and to think I had made it through most of the day without shedding a tear. Dang you!! Very nice post!


Anonymous said...

It is very hard to see all of their belongings leave the house, but the hard part is seeing them go.
We wish him nothing but the best and wishing all of you the best as well. Love to Tyler and Bryan also.
Now it is Bryan's turn to get out on his oun also. Hope your trip was a good one Darrell and Happy Anniversary also.

Danny said...

You sound proud. In my circles we'd say you're getting a lot of nachas from your son.

Best of luck to him on his new start!

Rae said...

I'm the youngest child in my fam and I heard my mother cried all the way home when they dropped me off for college.

Culinery Institute sounds fabulous! You guys should be really proud for raising a son with goals and ambition!

kivster said...

Good luck with your son moving out. I know when my parents moved away how much they missed me (of course I miss them too :)). It seems, if they are any example, that it's okay to be sad.

Echoing terry - it was certainly as I got older and moved out that I realized how much my parents know. You have obviously raised him well and now it's your turn to be happy - butbe nice to him, remember, he gets to choose your nursing home.