Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some More of SGM

Here it is Tuesday evening and my legs feel almost normal again. I mentioned that my right quad was sore even before the race was over. There was this strange discrepancy the rest of that day. By Sunday morning that had pretty much evened out. Monday the quads and calves were still sore, big time. I think this is pretty much how they felt after my first marathon. In July I was ready to run the next day. Not this time! I think I'm going to take the whole week off and then join the Cruisers somewhere on Saturday morning. I was able to get an adjustment and massage on Monday night. Very well timed and deserved, I think.

This picture is me almost to the finish line. I'm all stoked about the fact that I'm actually up on my toes mid run. I never did resort to the dreaded marathon shuffle in this one.

Here's a one of me and Dean. I'm not exactly sure what's up with me and the "attitude" pose. Say what you will about Dean, but he's a pretty darn nice guy. He was getting a little panicked at this point. He needed to get back to his bus for a 12 hour drive to Albuquerque for number 22.

There's something about the St George marathon that keeps people coming back year after year. There is a large 10 year club and even a 20 year club. The volunteers at the expo pasta feed was super nice. The starting area was very organized. The bonfires were a really cool touch that I've never seen anywhere else. Those clothes that I was so worried about; my wife picked them up for me at the end of the race in about 30 second flat. The course was breathtaking. Starting in the dark and witnessing the day begin was very memorable. Because the course is not spectator friendly, the people of St George hang signs of encouragement on every road sign along the way. It was fun to read these messages. Someone had scrawled a marriage proposal in chalk on the road. I wonder if she said yes? At one of the ranches along the way I saw the most magnificent dark gray horse running along the fence. I saw a sign that said "Run, Bee-otches, Run". That one made me laugh out loud. I've got to admit that running 26.2 miles is a pretty absurd hobby. The sign seemed appropriate. The medals are really unique. They are a stone medallion with the race logo each one is slightly different from the next.

After some Blue Bunny ice cream at the finish line, and a shower, Lisa and I headed over to Zion National Park for a quick drive through. We didn't really have enough time to take the scenic tram tour but we did drive through the mile tunnel and then back through again. We took a lot of photos. The rock formations are just incredible in size, texture and complexity. It is amazing the difference in the rocks on opposite sides of the tunnel. It is almost as though you've left one park and entered another. Someone said "They're just rocks" but they are some pretty amazing rocks. On our way out we stopped in Springdale at the Bumbleberry Inn and had a slice of Bumbleberry Pie, ala mode of course. I just ran a marathon, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted. I love that!

We met up with all the CA Cruisers for dinner and had a great time reliving the events of the day. After dinner Lisa and I got to see a production of Cats at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivins, about 25 minutes outside of St George. Tuacahn is an outdoor amphitheatre nestled into the red rock canyons. At dinner and at the show there were many people sporting their long sleeve technical burnt orange shirts. Kinda cool. Sunday morning we went for breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe. You know how much I love breakfast. I would definitely recommend this place. It was full of runners, too. Very large portions. I had the Bear Paw omelet. It came with home fries and a biscuit. Yummy. We made the drive home in 5.5 hours. We did stop for ice cream at Diary Queen in Barstow. I was still giving myself permission to indulge.

As some of you have commented, now I need to update the name of this little blog. I could go with the obvious "Seven Down, Forty Three To Go". I've also contemplated something like "The Countdown Continues" so I'd never have to change it again. What do you think? I've got #8 planned but I'll save the reveal for another day.

Y'all come back now, you hear! Don't go a-losin' me just 'cause I change my name.


Danny said...

Great pictures. Dean does always seem like a good guy. (Though I'm guessing that pictures don't always tell the true story, since you look like a real SOB in that picture with Dean!) Did you tell him that you guys are on the same race schedule? (Only he's doing it in 50 days, and you're planning for 20 years or so....)

I like something like "Marching towards 50" or something in the title,though I do like the number as well. Maybe the subtitle can keep a running update at the end, like "7 of 50 completed to date" or something.

Either way, keep it up!

Wes said...

Not a chance dude! The name of the blog may change, but my RSS feeder will always know thee by your technical name. And besides, I wouldn't miss the accounts of your inspirational running and writing for anything!!

drew said...

Didn't get a chance to post a comment after I read your race report, but EXCELLENT JOB! 12 minute PR is awsome. I'm just hoping to hang somewhere near 4 hours in Denver. Well-run race, and excellent race report. I've passed it on to a friend who's contemplating St. George next year.

robtherunner said...

I like "The Countdown Continues" myself, but it is also kind of cool to watch the countdown change by the title of your blog. I think I cheated (Joe) and already know where number 8 is going to be. You better get some rest and heal any aching bones.

Joe said...

Great follow up report, Darrell. I looked for Dean at Portland the week before but didn't connect there. My colleague Jay ran Badwater with him this summer, so we have quite a connection...yeah right!

You sounded more upbeat as you gained some distance (and some ice cream) from the race itself. Glad to hear that..you were uncharacteristically "flat" in describing the race itself. You also did very well in taking Lisa to Cats and other outings. What a great weekend for the two of you!

Contragulations again...and you are wise on your recovery.

Ryan said...

Great race report and pictures...congratulations you trained hard, I’m glad to see everything came together...especially a pr!! Can't wait to see what's next?

Sorry just have to mention this danny fella photo is bugging me out are his eyes moving..hmm I think I need some sleep!

Mike said...

Darrell- BIG congrats there...that is a solid PR! Great to follow along as you knock these marathons out and get faster to boot! You'll have to make room for boston in your list soon eh?!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the PR! and thanks for the report. i love zion! bryce canyon is another one of my favorites. when i go on camping roadtrips with my husband we make a plan to hit every possible national park along the way. (and make good use of that pass!)

kivster said...

hey. first of all i wanted to apologize for misspelling your name on the link on my blog.

i grew up in NY, my parents just recently moved to Israel - my siblings each moved there a number of years ago.

i was thinking as a possible name - 7 dwarfs down and now on to snow white.

PLANET3RRY said...

I'd go with "X" down and off to "Blankity Blank" this way... we always know how far along you are and what are you running next! It would Darrell's "Thing"

Sounds like a great marathon. And it also sounds like someone likes Ice Cream!

Anonymous said...

Good job on your best time ever Dad. Is that guy in the picture with you running 50 marathons in 50 days?

Robb said...

Hey Darrell. I love the photo of you and Dean...you look so superior but he's got a better tan.

Rae said...

Dean is SUCH a nice guy. We met him at a booksigning here in Feb and he was great.

#8 sounds like fun!! When are you coming to TN to race?? You've already got a host (us!)!