Sunday, October 01, 2006

Loose Ends

Well, it took two days, but I got Tyler moved in and pretty much set up. We packed his truck up about midnight on Wednesday. Thursday we drove down to San Diego, about a 2 hour drive. The actually moving in didn't take very long. We went over to IKEA to check out a desk. Tyler decided to hold off buying anything until later. I made one trip to the store for some groceries. I spent the night with some friends in Oceanside.

Friday morning we attended orientation meetings and he picked up his schedule and supply kit. I bought his parking pass, he tried to resolve a schedule issue. The culinary students got their first homework assignment at orientation, school doesn't officially start until Monday. We made a trip to B&N to buy the book he needed for the homework assignment, a trip to the grocery store, back to IKEA to actually buy the desk and a trip to Target for black shoes and a 2" white binder. He still has to figure out how to get his computer hooked up. I decided that was one thing he could do on his own. I think he was a little overwhelmed with the whole process. I finally left San Diego at 5:00 pm on Friday. This was bad timing, it took 3 hours to get home with some major traffic delays.

As for running, I had pushed my runs up this week figuring Thursday, move in day, would be my day off. I had planned a 4 miler on Friday, but after running around in San Diego all day and the long ride home, I scrapped that idea.

On Saturday, my youngest son and I rode our bikes down the San Gabriel River Bike Trail with 9 friends. From Arcadia to Bolsa Chica Beach was about 35 miles. Our group ranged in age from 13 to 62. We took three breaks along the way and just generally enjoyed the ride. One family had staged a car at the end of the ride with a cooler full of food so we enjoyed a weenie roast on the beach for lunch. We loaded up the bikes on other cars that were conveniently staged or planned to pick us for the ride home. I had originally thought that I might get that 4 miler in sometime after the ride but ultimately decided that the 35 mile ride was enough for the day.

I ended the month of September with 134.7 miles, not what I had planned but decent enough to carry me through the St. George next Saturday. I'd say the hip is about 90%

This morning I did my "long run" 8 miles on Robert's Loop with the addition of the Via Verde hill. I kept the pace easy. There are a couple of decent inclines on this route including the VV hill. I just let it go on the downhill and had a blast flying down. My overall pace was right on 9:00, definitely not a blockbuster effort but pretty much exactly what was required 6 days out. I ended the week with a whopping 22 miles, having missed those two 4 milers on Friday and Saturday.

On the home front, apparently September is a very popular month to get married. Just on blogger alone I read about Nattie's parents 46th anniversary on Sept 16, the Shoreturtles celebrated their 8th on the Sept 19 and Michelle and Eric celebrated 27 years on the Sept 22. My own parents celebrated 47 years on Sept 19. On Friday, September 29, my wife and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary. We'll we haven't actually celebrated it yet, but it happened none the less. As you know I spent Friday in San Diego. My wife was at work until 9:00 pm. She is fortunate enough to have a job that is only 3/4 miles from home. Unfortunately their fiscal years ends right around our anniversary. She spends the two weeks around that time working 7 days a week, 12 to 14 hours a day doing inventory and all those accounting things she does so well.

She's hoping to wrap up most of the work so she can join me next weekend in St. George. We'll get our celebrating in then! ;-)

Happy Anniversary, Lisa! I Love You!

P.S. While I was typing this I got a text message from the Portland Marathon. Joe was at 20 miles at 3:14. Only 10k to go Joe, keep it up and finish strong, or in your words Persevere!

I got another message just minutes later that Rob finished in 3:32! Woot! Nice job Rob.


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!

Good luck in St. George. Number you come! : )

Robb said...

Happy Anniversary Darrell & Lisa! Family stuff takes priority doesn't it...I mean, marathons come and go and runs can be postponed...but family comes out in front.

Nice post Darrell. Take care this week.

Wes said...

Happy anniversay guys! Forgot your marathon is next week. *sigh* :-) All this working out and waiting is killing me!!

Joe said...

Darrell and Lisa, happy anniversary!! How wonderful!!

Get that hip to 100%!

Thanks for tracking us in Portland...I just posted my long week it is your turn!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! a popular month, indeed. :-)
it seems the month of september was a good running month, and that you're ready for St. George!
enjoy your last week of taper.

kivster said...

Happy Anniversary Daryl!

135 miles in a month - and I would be happy with 80 miles! You real runners are machines, I don't know how you do it.

I am so jealous of the marathon runners - I hope one day to join your elite ranks. only 43 left after this one - that's so cool!

Congratulations on getting your son moved in - now the missing begins. Enjoy celebrating your anniversary when you get to.

PLANET3RRY said...

Happy Anniversary!

Oh and race week for you too! YAY! It's hard for me to imagine that you aren't to do well on Saturday. Just baby that hip this week and some light stretching and maybe a new PR on Saturday?

jeffem said...

great post. Enjoy this week and good luck in St. George!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

janice said...

hey deej! thought id check in on your running... sounds like things are going well and youre not so debbie downer as you were before seafair, which is good news. i think you'll kick ass again, so have fun and good luck in utah, i can't wait to hear how it goes! and happy anniversary to the couple that gives me hope! :) (btw, did a 7-miler today and i got rained on AND i have pretty bad shin splints.... SIGH)

robtherunner said...

Thanks Darrell!

Happy Anniversary to you and Lisa. I hope she is able to join you next weekend and we will be cheering for you here in Washington. And Yes, I will be in Eugene despite the high fees for a first time marathon. I hope they have a good one in store for us.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary to you too!! I love you and can't wait to go to St. George tomorrow. Another PR would make the weekend perfect, wouldn't it???


Mike said...

Happy Anniversary Darrel! Glad to hear that all is well and the running (and hip) is treating you right!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and Good Luck!

backofpack said...

Happy Anniversary Darrell! I imagine you are just getting underway for the marathon - have a fun, comfortable on the hip run. I'll be looking for the title change...

Rae said...

Good luck in the marathon today!!! I know you are doing great out there! Can't wait to hear how well you did!