Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 2007 Numbers

So far this week, Monday was a planned rest day. Tuesday and Wednesday had 6 scheduled. Tuesday I shut down the computer at 5:02, changed and drove over to the dam by 5:22. I was able to get the 6 miles done by the last little traces of daylight. It won't be long before I'll be able to get home, changed and over to Bonelli for some midweek runs before the sun sets. Am I excited about that, you bet I am. Wednesday I made it home and back out the door by 6:08. There was still just a little bit of daylight left when I got started.

These past two days have been on the chilly and windy side. While I can't exactly say that the winds are howling and biting, this is SoCal after all, but the weather was a little less hospitable than usual. So true to the old adage about March; "in like a lion, out like a lamb", it looks like we'll be getting the lion this year. I remember that saying from growing up in OH where it seemed to ring fairly true. Here in Covina, I think March will come in more like a mad alley cat than a lion, oh well.

My legs are definitely still feeling the effects of last weekend's 20 mile - 8K combo. I've got speed work scheduled for tomorrow. At this point I'm not expecting too much with the way the legs feel, but I'm set to go give it a try.

Because I'm a slave to the numbers, here's how February ended: 184 miles in 21 days of running. This is slightly higher than last month and not bad considering the shorter month and that I took 2 extra unplanned days off.


Wes said...

Those are nice numbers, and the weather sucks here today. I'm trying to figure out if its the treadmill or sneaking in a run at lunch between tornado warnings :-)

Neese said...

ah yes Ohio weather :)

nice digits for February!

Susan said...

Nice blog! Your goal is admirable. Count me in when you make it to Arkansas. I'm near Little Rock.

Joe said...

Wow, good milage. The quality of those 184 miles seems very sound, Darrell. I'm still marveling at last weekend's effort.

Hey, DST happens in two weeks this'll be all over Bonelli quickly...and I'll be back in the dark in the morning!! Ha!!