Saturday, February 03, 2007


I was tagged by Bob back on Tuesday. Ever since then I've been trying to figure out just exactly to respond to this particular tag. Bob has threatened Mafia hit men so I'd better figure it out soon. And just why is this so hard? I'm supposed to list 6 weird things about myself. I always considered myself pretty a middle of the road, go with the flow, status quo, don't rock the boat kind of guy. What could there possibly be weird about me. I'm sure I could poll the people around me, but I'm not really sure I want to know. So here goes:

1. The fact that I agonized over a "6 Weird Things about You" tag, makes me weird.

2. My kids think its weird that when I was a kid I carried my lunch to school in a brown paper bag. I wasn't really that weird in the 70's, except that I had to use the same bag for a week. Everyday I would fold it neatly and carry it around for the rest of the day in my back pocket.

3. In grade school we had to use measure different body parts to use as estimations of length in some math exercise we were doing. It turns out my ear is 3 inches long. I still use that as a point of reference.

4. In my closet all my shirts are hung facing to the left. When I wash them I hang them back up on the right end of the rod and I when I'm getting dressed in the morning I almost always chose a shirt from the left end of the rod. This assures that every shirt goes through the rotation the same number of times. Same thing with my underwear. Its stack in the drawer, the just washed stuff goes on top and I pull from the bottom of the stack every morning.

5. When I was a kid I had a lot of dreams in which I was able to float up into the air. Or alternately I dreamed that certain body parts, say one leg or arm, swelled up supernaturally.

6. I love to do the laundry. I like to watch the clothes go round and round in the washer and dryer. We just got those new high efficiency machines from LG. I could stand there for hours watching them.

OK, tag fulfilled. I'm sure there's even weirder stuff, some too weird to share here, and probably some so weird I won't even admit it to myself.


Bob Gentile said...

LOLOL ahhhh Your a WEIRDO Darrell, well that's what we are suppose to say when your Tag has been completed--haha

Darrell Wrote: This assures that every shirt goes through the rotation the same number of times.

ahhh that is great!!... CHECK this out I am sending this to those who haven't got weird on us yet -- here's why?


I am on a QUEST to prove the definition Society puts on the word "WEIRD" actually means "Normal" to us!

READ Lisa B's POST you will Crack UP!!

Stop by to read the Complete Details :-) SEND your Blog FRIENDS over and join us in PROVING this very important issue --LOL Well not that important but it is FUN to Express our WEIRDNESS, I mean normalcy:-) that makes us unique.



Backofpack said...

We just got a new washer/dryer a few weeks ago and Eric spent the first two days watching the loads. He seems to be over that now. He also watches sprinklers. You two might just get along fine!

robtherunner said...

I think I must be weird because I am thinking about copying your #4 so that I can make sure every pant, shirt, and tie combo gets properly rotated so I'm not wearing the same thing week after week. You're a smart man Darrell. I'm glad you decided to post so I can get my clothes rotation properly in order, now if you can just tell me how to keep my check book balanced.

Juls said...

If you enjoy folding laundry too, then you are welcome at my house. I hate it.

Neese said...

i think you qualify as weird! :) those were fun to read. We are considering the LG machines as well, did you get the part that makes them higher off the ground? Being so tall I think I want to get those so I don't have to bend down so far. Ok, now i'm just being weird. :)

Sarah said...

LOL! I love your weird stuff!

Wes said...

After you get done at Juls place, come by here! You can stay as long as you want!!

Joe said...

FIFO is a beautiful thing...

What's wierd about the shirts Darrell (and the fact we hit it off so well) is that I do exactly the same thing in my closet. In fact, I made a label that shows the shirts and trousers go IN at the right side of the rod and OUT at the left. Thus, perfect rotation.

Too much...

Ryan said...

Fascinating ;)

Anne said...

Thanks for reminding me to put my weird list together. By the way, I had forgotten that it was indeed exactly a year since we ran that race "together" and found each other's blogs. Great to meet in person after all this time!

Journey to a Centum said...

I'm with you brother on the mesmerizing effect of the washer and dryer! I know Michelle mentioned sprinklers but how about fish tanks! All these seem more entertaining than American Idol.

Nice system with the clothing, my selection tends to be driven by weather or if I'm in the office or out of the office visiting customers. I suppose I could get a dual rotation going with the office selection and the out of office selection. I think your system shows genius not weirdness.

Thank you for sharing