Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's Late

I started a post earlier this evening but never quite got it done. I also realize it wasn't heading in a very positive direction so instead I'll just put up a quick recap of the week.

The good:
A 5 mile run in Bonelli with a collegue from corporate.
A 3.5 mile run near Portland
A 4 mile run in Huntington Beach on Friday and the rest of the day playing in the surf with my oldest son.
A 12 miler run in Huntington Beach, again, with the CA Cruisers.
A 4.7 mile run on Sunday morning around home. (I intended on 5 but accidently cut the route short).
Overall, meeting my mileage goal for the week of 29 miles.

The not so good:
I feel sluggish during my runs.
I was wiped out after a measly 12 miler.
My whole body is really stiff and sore.


David said...

Sounds like you are approaching a plateau where you'll have to pause and regroup before solidiering on to higher mileage and longer runs.

And I do not recall reading anything about feet hurting so you're good.

...and how does one "accidently" cut a route short?

Anne said...

I just went through a similar spell. Started taking a new multivitamin with more B vitamins and it made a world of difference.

Sarah said...

Six goods, three not so goods. You have more positives!

Sometimes coming back is tough (I remember those feelings last fall). But I'm sure you're on the verge of a breakthrough! : )

robtherunner said...

You have to break the body down to build it back up. You must be breaking it down good:)I wish you a healthy build up.

Backofpack said...

I'll share my secret cure with you:

Get some extra sleep.
Get a massage.
Eat really healthy for a day or two.
Eat something really, wonderfully out-of-control and delicious. (Mmmmm...french fries from Red Robin...Dove chocolates...Starbucks ice cream...)

You'll feel better in no time!

Run for Chocolate said...

I know this sounds stupid, but playing at the beach all day takes a lot out of you! You'll be fine when you go back to work!

Neese said...

aw,perhaps a trip to the spa is in order, for a little relaxation and massage.

scott keeps running said...

I think any time there are more goods than not so goods it is a good thing. :)

Ryan said...

Just a brief rough worries...we all bounce free!

OCRunnerGirl said...

I feel your pain! I like "backofpack"'s remedy the best! I may just take that advice too! Have a great weekend.

Joe said...

Darrell, keep hanging in there. You know fully enough about yourself and about running to keep it going. There are tough patches. Like David, I'm glad you're not mentioning foot pain. The rest of the fitness level may be catching up.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for a little rest and perhaps a good massage!
Take care of yourself. You deserve it!