Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 In Retrospect

I arose this morning and headed out the door for my last run of the year. It might be fun to say that I let my imagination run wild with the route, but no, I headed out for my 5 mile Bonelli Loop. I did do it counter clockwise this morning, just for something different.

I ended the year with a nice round 1500 miles. I couldn't have planned it better. It is sad that this is the first year in my 4.5 year career that I haven't increased my annual mileage over the previous year.

Miles for 2007 = 1500
Average monthly miles = 125
Lowest monthly miles (May) = 44.6
Highest monthly miles (March) = 197.7
Number of days run = 213
Average weekly miles = 28.8
Lowest weekly miles = 0
Highest weekly miles = 50

I ran 16 races in 2007. I only set a single PR at the 8K distance. It was a tough year.

Besides the 8K, I ran six 5K's. Three of those were run side by side with Tyler, one I ran alone, and the other two Tyler and I both ran but ran our own races. At those races Tyler set PR's, makes me wonder who was slowing who down.

There were 4 half marathons, 2 of which were run within 6 days of one another and after recovering from tendonitis in my foot and a month of almost no running. The last one was the City of Angels Half with Tyler. I also ran one 14 miler on the trails.

There were four marathons in 2007 that took me from 9 Down to 12 Down.

Eugene Marathon - Oregon
Marine Corps Marathon - Washington DC
Marshall Marathon - West Virginia
Rocket City Marathon - Alabama

Each was memorable for different reasons. Eugene was the only trip that my wife joined me and I got to meet up with all the great bloggers from the PNW. MCM was run with a whole bunch of the Cruisers and it just a superbly run event in the nation's capitol - very inspiring. Marshall was fun because I ran it with no expectations one week after MCM. It was a beautiful day and my family drove down from Ohio to support me. Rocket City was a birthday present from my wife and allowed me to hang out with Joe and Wes. My favorite for 2007 has to be Marine Corps, though.
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Happy New Year!
Be great in 2008! – Dane Johnson

The miracle of running is that with each workout, each step, you are becoming a different person – stronger, certainly, but also more invested in life and the possibilities it holds. – Marty Jerome


Wes said...

Happy New Year, Darrell! I will definitely try to join you if you hit any of those southern states! and I will look for a triathlon in California to do some time. I hear California 70.3 is a blast.

Take care!!!

David said...

Great numbers and a great year... I know 2008 will be even better.

Neese said...

How about Greenville, SC in November? :) Maybe I should be emailing your wife for birthday ideas ;)

Joe said...

Great recap, Darrell. Quite the year, when you step back and take a look at it.

Enjoy your first run of the new year tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year, Darrell! You accomplished a lot in 2007. Here's to many more great runs and races in 2008! : )

David said...

About the only thing I did more than you is outblog you. That was a serious mileage year for you and a lot of races. Congratulations.

When it's Florida's turn for a marathon, let me know.

Backofpack said...

Congratulations on a great year Darrell! One of the highlights of my year was meeting bloggers where ever we went. I hope to see you again in 2008. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

DREW said...

It's all about perspective. All in all a quality year, despite injuries. Your year was an inspiration to me in that it resembles in some ways what I hope to do this year. Keep it up

Bob Gentile said...

Congrats Darrell on ur 2007 Season...Look forward to following ur Journey in 08' and watch u chip away ur Marathons across the US.

Happy New Year Bro !

Rae said...

Great job in 07! Even though your numbers may not have been an increase that's still a ton of miles! Have a great new year!!!!!!

Danny said...

fantastic year! you're a total superstar...

Anonymous said...

Quite impressive numbers! It makes mine feel quite small! :) Good luck with running in '08!

Jason The Running Man said...

Amazing year man, congrats on all you accomplished and thanks for your encouragement in 2007.

yumke said...

Very impressive given the number of marathon and other races you got in one year. Thats an average of one every few weeks?!

scott keeps running said...

congratulations on a strong year. i'm especially happy to see that you could get some runs in with tyler.