Monday, December 03, 2007

City of Angels Half - The Results Show

Tyler reports sore legs but has neglected to take any Tylenol.

It looks like we might have a decent finish line photo after all. 2:07:25 for the both of us, exactly the time I had on my watch. I think its pretty cool that his overall pace was faster than his 10K pace. He stayed strong to the end. I forgot to mention yesterday that we caught and passed the 10:00 pace group at mile 4 and never saw them again.

To Danny's lament I did not carry my camera along on this run. I left my Fuelbelt at home; it has the nifty little pockets for carrying such things. I insisted that we wait in the long line to get our photo taken with the medals. I sure hope Brightroom comes through for us.

I skipped today's planned 2-miler in favor of tofu and eggplant Lisa had picked up from Panda Express on her way home from work. I spent another hour at the ER earlier this evening while she got 3 stitches in the heel of her left hand compliments of picture frame glass.


Wes said...

Nice job, gentlemen. I too would pass up a two miler if I was offered Chinese food, even chain variety :-)

Ouch on the ER visit. Hope she's OK!

Bob Gentile said...
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Bob Gentile said...

SOOOO AWESOME Darrell.... Congrats to both of you and I am sure you guys got some great pics together!!

Tyler's like me stubborn on taking anything ....umm but I do have to confess I have taking a few ALEVE's the past 2 days and it helped.

My calve issue the last 5 miles was pretty freaky, never had spasms like that...was able to power walk as fast as I could but then I tried to run again and 50 yards later the calves spasmed again...I am sooo hoping it was just beat legs that need to just recover :-)

COngrats again to both of you and I love that pic of you and your son with the same "IMPRESSIVE" race time!! 9:44 rocks!!!

Donald said...

Great race for you and your son. It's interesting how closely your age-graded results are, with the exact same time and age difference between you. I never understand how that stat works.

robtherunner said...

Congratulations on the half. I hope Lisa is healing up. Sorry to hear about the accident. Take good care of her.

Pat said...

tyler's a stud. He must get it from his dad. Hope Lisa is doing ok.

Anne said...

Loved the POV in the previous post and the way you lead this one with Tyler. Spoken like a proud papa.

runliarun said...

How cool!

In my experience, all those sport photo oufits take a good picture only by sheer luck. Of course, by the finish line we usually don't look too good (at least, I don't).

It's the experience that counts, I tell myself. And this was a good one :).

David said...

That picture hanging can be very dangerous. She should take up running instead.