Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LOL in Blogland

I've been reading Nick's blog for a little while now. About a week or so ago I discovered that we had both run the NYC marathon in 2005. One day last week Nick put up a short synopsis of his marathons. The NYC marathon account included a run in with Sponge Bob Square Pants. Nick suffered an abrasion from Sponge Bob. I felt compelled to tell Nick of my own experience with the Sponge Bob sponge as a comment which I will copy below:

"Sponge Bob suffered a bad fate with me in NYC. Somewhere after picking up the sponge, I needed to use the john. There was no toilet paper so poor Sponge Bob was pressed into service. Needless to say that was one souvenir I did not bring home."

A few days later, while I watch catching up on blogs I came across this on Nick's site. I was in PA for the weekend and my mother-in-law was right there when I busted out laughing. I just couldn't bring myself to reveal the whole sordid details to her, but it was a funny moment.

Thanks for the laugh Nick!

The rest of my running week went like this. I did the 5 mile in Bonelli on Monday before the doctor appointment. Monday night I did a leg workout with the trainer at the gym. My legs were killing me until Thursday. The next time I got out there was on Thursday evening. I headed over to Bonelli for 4 miles. I took it pretty easy.

Twelve hours later, I was back out on the road at 6:00 for a 10.5 miler from home. I got the run in before we left for PA. My wife and I were going there to celebrate my in-laws 25th wedding anniversary. The weather took a turn toward chilly when we arrived after having been near 80 earlier in the week. I had planned not to run on Saturday, but skipped the run Sunday since it was only in the 30's when I had the time to go around 7:00 a.m. The rest of the day we were gone. We had a great day at Longwood Gardens.

When I got up Monday morning it was 27 degrees at 7:30 in the morning. I waited until almost 11:00 for the temps to finally break 40 before I went out for about 4 miles on the country lanes in PA. The vistas are beautiful. You can see a long way on the gently rolling terrain of south central PA.

We arrived back in SoCal at midnight last night. After a day a work today, I am off to take a test in Marketing. Never a dull moment.


Tom said...

I hope you used the spongey side of Sponge Bob and not the abrasive side!

Joe said...

I'll never look at Sponge Bob the same way again...oh my!! What a hoot. I can see why you didn't want to explain it to the relatives.

Welcome to the cooler eastern weather. It's 36 as I type this at 7:14am EDT. I love it.

Will be quite a guess as to what the start temp will be in Memphis on Dec 6. So, be ready for anything!

Glad you got a 10 miler in. Good luck on Marketing.

Wes said...

We've been having some gorgeous weather here. It's almost too good to be true. My pristine image of Sponge Bob is shattered now. He (is) was my favorite modern comic character.

Anne said...

So that's where you've been! Welcome back. Rachel and Brent and I were talking about how nice you are in person. Did your ears burn????

jeff said...

i worked the adventure race in bonelli this past sunday...i thought for sure i'd bump into you. this explains why i didn't!

Nick said...

Sponge Bob almost met a shredded fate the other day when my dog carted him off to be ripped apart. I was able to get it from him and save him for another day of laughs.

Sarah said...

Poor Spongebob!