Saturday, October 25, 2008

PA in Pix


Clock near the rail station in Lititz, PA


Rolling vistas


Autumn Mosaic


Lisa and her Dad at Longwood Gardens


View from a treehouse window, Longwood Gardens




Lisa and me at the Harrisburg Airport - Where else do they have country rockers at an airport?


Legs and Wings said...

I've been to Harrisburg a few times on business. PA is one stunning state to behold. You two look so relaxed.

Anne said...

I think you did PA proud with these photos.

Oh, and San Diego and MN have rocking chairs. Greensboro, N.C. even has a "front porch" inside the terminal to rock on!

Wes said...

Great pics, travelin man :-)

Nick said...

Nice Pics.

Uh, they have rocking chairs in Charlotte International Airport.
I remember thinking....I bet this is the only airport that has rocking chairs. Wrong. Apparently Harrisburg has them.

Joe said...

Cool pix, thanks.

Yeah, I've seen the rockers in Charlotte too...but a nice touch!

Glad Lisa got to see her dad!

David said...

Great photos. October is the prettiest month of the year just about everywhere. Too bad it gets worse for the northern states so soon (if you are not a fan of nasty cold weather).

And yes, Charlotte has rockers.