Sunday, February 01, 2009

Meep, Meep

On each of my last two walks in Bonelli I've seen a road runner. It was doing exactly what you'd expect it to be doing. It was running across the road (fire road in this case). No coyote in chase though; that would have been awesome. I haven't seen a road runner in Bonelli in at least a couple of years.

This week I've stuck to the 3:1 run:walk. It seems to be working out for now. I upped the total weekly mileage to 14.6 in three runs. Saturday I joined the CA Cruisers on our home turf, the Santa Ana River Trail. Many were running short because they were running the Surf City Marathon on Sunday. We had about 60 members and friends signed up for either the full, half or 5K. I used to be one of the faster members of the group. Couple the short mileage for the rest with my current pace and run:walk strategy and I was one of the last ones out there. My pace over the 8 miles was 10:32. The days of 8:30's are a distant memory for now.

Besides the running, there was 105 minutes of bike riding and 10 miles of walking.

The end of the month calls for mileage totals. January 2009 was a whopping 37.7 miles. It has been a slow and steady climb on the weekly mileage since the beginning of the month after nearly 5 weeks off after St. Jude.

I'm going to rely on my inner Wile E Coyote and keeping chasing that Road Runner towards the next marathon.

For now I'm off to partake in the national day of denial and escapism from the real world and watch the Super Bowl. I have no real interest in either team but its my civic duty. Come to think of it I'm supporting the Cards; dislike of the Steelers runs deep in this ex-Ohioan.


Pat said...

I'm an ex ohioan, so go Cards.
I'm an arizonan, so go Cards.

My name on Runner's World forum is Meep Meep. So go Road Runners!

FLYERS26 said...

Keep plugging along!
The 3-1 is a good way to work yourself back into shape.

Anne said...

It was a good game, even if Arizona lost at the very end and you were just being Patriotic.

Wes said...

I think I'm going to go back to the run walk thing permanently. We'll see. Its true how little the 2 minute difference in pace matters when the goal is fifty marathons in fifty states!

Stay healthy :-)

Backofpack said...

Yes, and like Roadrunner, you'll always win in the end!

Donald said...

I stopped trying to chase those road runners years ago. Instead, I just ordered this backpack-mounted rocket that I'm going to use with a pair of roller skates so that I can catch one. If that doesn't work, I'll just perch an anvil above a pile of free bird seed.

I see no way this can go wrong.

Jean said...

I wish you well in chasing that road runner, Darrell! Keep on moving forward!

PLANET3RRY said...

When we were in Arizona, I was thinking that I would see a Road Runner... but nope.

Dori said...

So, who won? ;-)

How cool to see a Road Runner. I've never seen one, but I get a kick out of the quail scooting along on their little legs.

Ryan said...

That’s the spirit! The Wile E Coyote sure has a lot of patience keep at it.

robtherunner said...

The 8:30's will be back, eventually.

Joe said...

Man, am I behind on commenting.

I'm glad you are getting the running in, Darrell. I've been at 3/1 since Memphis...I know that's a tough pill for you to swallow, but it's better than not running!

I saw a RR once when we lived in San Bernadino... really a pretty cool little bird.