Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Patient, Bad Patient

Good Patient:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I did the complete compliment of stretches prescribed by the physical therapist. Based on the advice that I could run if the pain level was a 2 or better (from both the orthopedic doc and the PT), I ran three miles on Wednesday evening. I had my second PT appointment on Friday - more exercises and stretches, heat, ultrasound, massage and ice.

Bad Patient:
I had made the decision on my own to dial the mileage back just a bit for this week. My goal was 14 miles for the week, including an 8 mile long run on Saturday. When I first met the PT I told him I'd run 10 the weekend before. On Friday I told him I'd run 3 mid week. I noted improvement in the ITB and hip pain. I guess all that stretching did some good. When the PT was done massaging/torturing my ITB he told me I could run 3 miles over the weekend. What!! 3 miles?! I met my friend Terry at the Santa Ana River trail and ran the 8 miles I'd planned. I obviously still have an IT band, but I was able to run. The pain level was within the "2 or below" range so I made the decision that it was OK to run. We kept to the 4:1 run:walk. Our pace was around 10:00 minute miles.

Sunday, I walked my traditional 5 mile loop on the trails in Bonelli. The trails were a little muddy so I wore my Cascadias. After the walk I headed back to the car, changed my shoes and shirt, and put in 3 miles of running around the Picnic Loop +. Total weekly mileage was 14.

Good news about the orthotics and shoes. I wore my Brooks Adrenaline 7's with the orthotics to the appointment on Friday. Jeff likes these shoes better than the Trance and he gave my orthotics a "B" grade. He gave me the go ahead to stick with that combination for the time being.


Annette said...

Keep it up with that good patient stretching so that when you decide to be a bad patient things won't go too badly for you. ;)

Jean said...

Darrell, I wore the Brooks Adrenaline 7's as well, and loved them. I felt like the 8's changed a little too much as I had less room in the toe box, so I am in Mizuno's now. But I loved the 7's. I hope they serve you well.

Keep up with all of those "good patient" activities, and best wishes with your training!

lindsay said...

haha. dude i would've done the same... if it didn't hurt too much, i would've pushed out some extra miles. i hope things are feeling alright after all the running. keep up the stretching and listen to your body! don't be completely hard-headed like me :)

Nick said...

Just got my orthotics today. It'll take a few weeks to get used to them.
Do what your body wants to do.
Go for a little extra when you want. Likewise, scale er back if needed.

Wes said...

I think nobody knows our body like we do. As long as you run smart you'll be fine!! Well done...