Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Harrisburg Marathon

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a marathon in Harrisburg, PA. Low 40's at the start, mid 60's at the finish under clear, sunny skies.

I had the opportunity to briefly meet Shoreturtle at the starting line before he took off like a Bolt (Usain). He is, as expected, a nice guy. I never saw him again, so I'm not sure how his race went.

At the half way point I was right at 2:01. By Mile 16 when I saw Lisa and my in-laws on the course I told them I was "really tired." Miles 17 to 24 were significantly slower; in the 10:00 per mile range. By Mile 25, the proverbial wheels came off. I ran that one in 11:12 and the last 1.2 was as gut wrenching 13:55. I just could not kick it into gear. Poor hydration is likely the culprit.

My final (unofficial time) was 4:12:26. All things considered, not too bad.

My son's made the following comments:
#1 son: Not bad for an old guy!
#2 son: Dang!
I'm just happy that they both were even remotely interested.


Joe said...

Nice race, with or without wheels at the end! Given the proximity to Des Moines (in time, I mean), this is a good race.

This weather is surprisingly warm... so, yes, perhaps hydration may have effected things at the end.

You still got another state, the admiration of your kids!!

Congrats...enjoy the time with the family!!

Sarah said...

Congrats! Despite the slow-down at the end, I'd be proud of that race!

ShoreTurtle said...

I'm glad that we had a chance to meet up before the race. Congrats on another state!

My wheels came off too. I was overheated in the second half. I couldn't get enough fluids. I ran a sub-four which I was happy about.

Jean said...

Awesome job, Darrell! I can't imagine running a marathon in that kind of time only three weeks after finishing another marathon. Extremely well done! All the best, and I hope you are recovering nicely.

Juls said...

Congratulations! It is always nice to have the kids there. You done good.

Anne said...

Not bad? That's a great finish for a guy who just ran a fast marathon not that long ago. Nice job!

DREW said...

Yes it is always nice when the kids pay attention. My oldest is 14 and beginning to get interested in track. He's very fast, so he'll be the one encouraging me in no time.

Congrats on the finish!

Wes said...

I agree with the boyz... not bad for an old guy!

Danny said...

it seems like this blog was called "five down" just a few months ago!