Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wingin' It

I am a man in need of a plan. I almost always have my weekly mileage planned out on a spreadsheet for weeks in advance. But right now, two weeks after Harrisburg and with nothing race wise on the calendar for the foreseeable future, I am running without a plan on paper.

I've decided that for the time being, I'll try running 4 days a week. I'll likely take one or two days completely off and take advantage of the other down time by cross training on the bike, stairmaster and elliptical.

It is a little weird for me not to have a road map on paper but so far I've survived the week just planning my route and mileage within minutes of walking out the door. Tuesday I ran one of my old routes in the neighborhood, without getting into my car to drive anywhere. At 4.5 miles it was probably one of the shortest runs I've done in a while. I ran easy and relaxed. The run felt almost effortless (You gotta love those). I was surprised by my 9:01 pace over the route.

Wednesday was the cross training day. Nothing too hard core; 30 minutes bike, 10 minutes stairmaster and then some lifting (back and biceps). Tonight I did drive over to Via Verde and took off with a rough amount of time and route in mind. I ran the old familiar paths and on the way back added in a little hill loop; not because the plan dictated it (there is no plan, remember) but just because I felt like it. Even with the hill my pace over the 5.7 mile route was 8:54. Sweet!

I will eventually put a plan on paper once there is a goal race on the horizon but for now I'm just going to enjoy wingin' it.


Anne said...

I'd think by now you really could wing it and internally tell where you should be building mileage each week. Don't underestimate yourself, though it is good to have that plan in print...just in case.

DREW said...

I flounder without a plan as well. It's usually during these non-planned periods where I fall off the running wagon. Don't have a solution myself, but when I find one I'll let you know.

Joe said...


Kind of a nice stretch here for you. Heal up from the marathon and just keep the base.

The right plan for 2010 will appear.

Wes said...

In the tri world, they say to build yourself stronger, you have to let go a little in the off season!