Sunday, June 18, 2006

An Easy Recovery 5

Just a short post to sum up the week before I hit the hay .

No Bonelli this week. After yesterday's hills I didn't think my legs were up to any more. Instead, I got in a very easy 5 mile run with Celeste. She was back in town to pack up her apartment. This was likely the real last run. Next weekend she packs her stuff into a moving van and heads to Oxnard full time. She started her new job last week. We met at her place and ran the very north end of the Santa Fe River Trail. Although I was completely wiped out yesterday this run didn't feel too bad. Thankfully it was short and slow. I let Celeste dictate the pace.

Miles for the week: 41.2
A few less than the updated plan but more than the original. I think I will scale back to the original plan for the next three weeks to make sure I'm good to go for SEAFAIR. I keep wavering between feeling totally prepared and totally over done. I'm anxious about how the next couple of weeks will go.

Anyway, Goodnight JohnBoy.


Robb said...

Hi Darrell, I think you are ready for SeaFair. You summed it up pefectly, "I keep wavering between feeling totally prepared and totally over done". I felt the same way a couple of weeks ago during the final stages of my race prep. Gut wrenching stuff. I would say to stick with what feels right. It's late to be cramming...the work is pretty much done. There is great value in try to relax if you can. I'm looking forward to this. I know you'll be meeting up with Rob - that will be cool too. Take care.

Celeste said...

Darrell, you're gonna kick butt in Bellevue in a couple of weeks! Despite your crazily "BRUTAL" run on Saturday, you once again aided me through a run! I have no idea how I'm gonna train on without you for NY!!!!!!!!!!

Mike said...

Glad to hear your training is going well. Great post on the Carbon Cyn run...I kick myself that I never ran the park when I lived down there. Solid effort there on that HILLY course- you're going to have an awesome race at SeaFair!

Anonymous said...

you are doing great, buddy...everyone here believes in you and knows that you are perfectly prepared.

- matt

robtherunner said...

Oh yeah, we have a marathon to run in a few weeks.

I was hoping if you are up for it maybe we can plan on a post marathon meal so I only have to find a babysitter on race day. Mull it over.