Sunday, June 25, 2006

Time Flies

I'm in taper mode, right? Isn't this supposed to mean less running and more time.

Well so far it hasn't really translated into less miles. Slower miles maybe, but not less miles. More on that later. As far as more time, yeah, not so much. Maybe that's an effect of the slower miles, more likely it is just an everyday fact of life that there is never enough time to do everything I need to do, let alone all the other things I want or like to do.

Earlier this week Janice sent me the pictures she had taken after the Fontana Days Half Marathon. It was only 3 weeks ago, but it seems like an eternity ago. Her note with the pictures said something to the effect that she expected to see the pictures up on the blog, pronto. Sorry, Janice, I didn't get the pronto part down very well, but here's one of the pics.

Dr. John (red shorts on the right) took some pictures of our "brutal" hill run last Saturday at Chino Hills State Park. The first is the whole group that started the run. We all look pretty happy and ready to go at this point. We hadn't found out yet what the North Ridge Trail had in store for us. The ladies on the left were there for a walk. They took the kinder, gentler route up and back Telegraph Canyon.
The last picture is me and Jeff, the stragglers, after our 16 mile adventure. We're still smiling! Thankfully from the photo you can't tell how absolutely wiped out we are. Dr. John and a few others had hung around waiting for us to return. They were nearly ready to send in a search and rescue party to find us.

During the week I put in my usual 6/8/6 mile routine. Tuesday and Thursday, I ran a route through Bonelli that is mostly paved and flat. On Thursday I did the route in the opposite direction from Tuesday. I ran nearly 2 minutes slower overall. This was the beginning of the pre-marathon slow down.


Anne said...

Love the photos, Darrell! And in case I don't get around to it -- good luck on the upcoming marathon. Don't overdo it during the taper or you'll be sorry....:-)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

great pics!

jeff said... left out the picture of the tick you brought back with you!

Rae said...

Great pics!!! It's time to enjoy the taper!