Thursday, June 29, 2006

Text Message Run

"Hey tonight i want to ride my bike with you then when we are done go back out and run one mile...K? -Bryan-HK-"

I received this text message Wednesday morning at 9:03 a.m. from my younger son. Never mind that he was in class, summer school taking World History. How could I refuse this offer? When we went camping in Carpinteria over Memorial Day, he rode along with me on a run. When we got back home he said he wanted to keep going with me some days. Several days after work I'd ask if he was going with me. The answer was usually "Not today" or "Maybe tomorrow". After a while I just stopped asking.

So Wednesday night after work, with the temperature hovering in the low 90's, we loaded up the bike in the truck and drove over to Bonelli. I figured the paved road over the dam and the Puddingstone Dr. Trail would be a nice 5 mile run/ride. If he wanted to run another mile, I would switch and get on the bike. We both carried water and took it easy. I'm not sure if he rides slow because of me or what but I seem to run slower when we are together. I noticed this in Carpinteria, as well. It was hot, so slow was good.

The best part of the run was on the trail. Rabbits crossed our path as usual. My nearly 16 year son was singing "Here comes Peter Cottontail..." as we hopped on down the bunny trail. He is normally absolutely appalled at any behavior that might bring attention to himself, so this was quite funny to me.

Tonight and Friday are days off, so I'm done for the month of June - 155.3 miles. Nothing spectacular, no record high month, just a good solid month of running (at least for me).

10 days to SEAFAIR.


Mike said...

sheez..running in 90 degree temps...lets all stop the insanity!! ;-)
Seriously Darrel, let's all keep our fingers crossed for cooler temps at Seafair for you!

Lisa said...

I hope he keeps going with you! And boy would I have liked to hear him singing Peter Cottontail. Too funny! :)

Donald said...

Very cool post. Hang in there with the taper - the hay is in the barn now!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

that's awesome.

Anne said...

Allow me to chime in with the weather-whining. It's gotten hot unusually early in the summer here too, and I'm not even running in it. [And, yes, I'm suddenly signing Peter Cottontail now!]

matt said...

That’s awesome, buddy. You must have been in heaven running with your son. How special is that!

Man, I am seriously getting excited for Seafair.

robtherunner said...


As of now the extended forcast says Sunny with a high of 75 degrees on race day. I don't think we could ask for anything better than that.

Celeste said...

Nice link for Peter Cottontail!!! That seriously made me crack up- but, gosh-darn-it, that song is now stuck in my head!!!!