Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Music in the Park

The Concert in the Park is an annual occurrence in towns and cities all over the place. This is one part of Americana that I've never really taken part in. Have I finally aged to the point that I would actually consider going to this kind of thing?

Anyway, over July 4th we were invited to go see "The Answer" and a Beatles cover band. Unfortunately the show was in Murrieta, CA, 60 miles from home. I bowed out of that one. As luck would have it the Answer has a full schedule of events. This weekend, they played in Monrovia only 12 miles from home. Our friend Kellie is a huge fan. She's has seen them several times and did go to Murrieta. The Answer is a classic rock cover band and was totally fun. Even in the blistering heat the crowd was pretty substantial. They obviously have a loyal following. Many people had on The Answer t-shirts. They are pretty interactive with a dance floor (packed from the get go by the way, my wife and I even took a turn), t-shirt tosses and other souvenir give aways. Besides the music, the people watching was the best. "Classic" rock sure brings out the wild and crazy old people. I'm talking my parent's age. Who knew?

To continue the theme tonight we went to the Concert in the Park in San Dimas, about 5 miles from home. We saw The Bratz. The bass player is my coworker and running buddy Terry's husband. They billed themselves as an eclectic mix. The lead singer has a coffee shop vibe. They opened with Babylon by David Gray, played a lot of Van Morrison, and ended the show with Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett), Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones) and much too my wife's delight Rosalita (Bruce Springsteen). The lead singer is not a strict cover artist per se. Each of the songs is recognizable but he makes them his own.

The Answer is playing in San Dimas next Wednesday night, so I guess we'll be back. I was telling Kellie that I thought the idea of being a groupie for a cover band was a little odd. Then my wife reminded me that we used to follow Fairweather, a cover band back in our college days. They played The Tubes, Genesis and Gentle Giant. We actually met at a Fairweather show. I had to change my stance on the cover band groupie thing.
This week has still been hot (big news, I know). I usually run after work but in an attempt to beat the heat I've gotten up early and put in 6 miles before work on Tuesday and Wednesday. They weren't my best efforts ever, but I hovered around 9 minute miles. Until it cools down, I think I will just have to accept this dead running feeling.
I saw this license plate frame the other day:
"Printers make good impresions"
Apparently not very good spellers though.

Stay cool!

Edit: After I posted this I went looking for info on Fairweather. I finally came across the correct spelling, Fayrewether and a couple of websites, including Thanks Google! Looks like he's still around, going strong. I'll have some catching up to do.


matt said...

if a band can do a good job covering classic rock tunes, then they can't go wrong in my book...especially if they are really tight as a group.

i love reading about your activities with your wife, kids, and friends. you have such a comfortable way of writing about make us feel like we are your good friends and you are sharing meaningful events in your day.

that is too funny about the bumper sticker.

rice said...

Got to love that heat.. Here in Nova Scotia I went for a one hour walk yesterday in jeans and a golf shirt.. :) Very user friendly weather here, not to hot in the summer and not to to cold in the winter..



Donald said...

It's funny how the "classic rock" crowd gets bigger each year, and more and more bands get older. Like the song "1985" asks, when did Motley Crue become classic rock?

Keep listening to KROQ to stay young!

Lisa said...

too bad you put that Fayrewether link out there, I may just have to shop!!! tee hee!

~your "groupie" wife

Mike said...

Hopefully it cools down for you guys finally broke for us in the last couple days..still high 80's but it sure beats the triple digits we were experiencing earlier

Robb said...

I received an email from a friend the other day. At the end of the note it said, "I wish Blackberry had spel check".

I'm with Rice as you know up here in NS. Why don't you guys purchase a summer home here in Nova Scotia? We'll go running and do a little sailing and listen to CLASSIC ROCK!!!

And to answer your question - yes, I've read a few of Eldredge's books...all the guys I hang with have just wrapped up the 'Band of Brothers series...I take it you understand all of that stuff. Actually, one of my friends' wives is heading to Colorado for one of those ranch retreats with Eldredge this summer. Pretty cool buddy.

See you later.