Friday, July 21, 2006

Peter Cottontail Strikes Again

It has been a busy week. We fit in my youngest son's 16th birthday dinner, cake at G'mas and Ed Young speaking at church. I started this post yesterday at lunch, and I'm finally finishing it now, Friday night. I had a run I wanted to talk about.

On Monday evening, I overheard my wife and son discussing when we could go out to dinner for his birthday. His birthday was Thursday and he had already planned on going paintballing. My wife has water aerobics on Tuesday. I heard him tell my wife we couldn't go to dinner on Wednesday because that was his day to ride with Dad! I chimed in that we could go on the bike/run Tuesday since that seemed to work better for us all.

During the day on Tuesday I texted him ( I have to take advantage of the technology they love)to see if we were still on. He was good to go. When I got home from work he was firmly planted in front of the computer. It took some arm twisting, but I got him out the door.

He rode faster than previous runs. I think he's getting more confident with the route and with his abilities. We of course ran across the ubiquitous rabbits. I overheard the dulcet tones of Peter Cottontail; being whistled this time. I asked him, "Is that Peter Cottontail, I hear?" I heard "NO!" I guess he just couldn't help himself. I've decided to name this little 5 mile route in Bonelli the Peter Cottontail Run. I hope this is something that we can continue together for some time to come.

I saw this quote over on Rob's site "My feeling is that any day I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy."John Bryant. It sure felt apropos for me this week. I squeezed Wednesday's run in between work and dinner since I had unexpectedly started work early that day. On Thursday my run was planned for late, about 9:00 pm, after Ed Young, but instead I decided to accompany my wife in picking up Bryan from paintball. I intended on getting up "early" Friday morning. Somehow both my wife and I missed the alarm. I had woken up once, realized it was getting light out but went back to sleep with the assurance the the alarm would be going off any minute. When I next woke up, it was obviously very light outside. It was regular time to get up. I still went out for the run and was only a couple of minutes late for work. It was Friday after all, and nobody noticed anyway.

I have to apologize, I didn't realize the repercussions of a blog name when I started this thing. Five down... represented where I was at the time and defined me here in Blogger and with the RBF. I still find the blogs I read through the Running Blog Recents page. Apparently many others us Bloglines or something similar and the Six Down name didn't quite register. I guess we are all in for a lot a future changes as my 50 state quest continues. I'll be Seven Down... in October after St. George, Utah. I have nothing scheduled after that, at least out of state, so that one may stick for a little while. I don't really know, but hopefully you'll all hang in there with me. The URL remains the same unless I too get fed up with Blogger's picture disability and follow Susan's advice to Steven "to move away from Blogger. Far away and never look back." So don't get too comfortable.

The CA Cruisers are off to a new running route tomorrow morning. Jesse has been trying to get us up to Summit House for a while. It should be fun. With a 6:30 a.m. start we should be back home to the A/C before we hit tomorrow's 107°F expected high. Three straight weeks of record heat is getting a little old. I'm ready to go back to Seattle.


matt said...

how much longer do you think this heat is going to continue, darrell?

Joe said...

how cool to have something to connect with your 16 year old!! This is neat...and to overhear him whistling "Peter Cottontail" is quite endearing.

Yes, that was a special run, Darrell!

Juls said...

Cool, very cool in such HOT weather. Good of you to pull him away from the computer.

Rae said...

107, wow! We hit 104 earlier this week. It makes it pretty miserable, but we did get some rain that made yesterday BEAUTIFUL!

Have a great Sunday!

PLANET3RRY said...

When I was in Wochester, MA for work back in 2002, I ran with one of the employees and he said that the group he ran with has all their routes named... sometimes with a obvious, sometimes with some crazy outlandish name...