Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Early Chill

I flew off to Long Island on Monday on Southwest out of Ontario Airport with a stop in Las Vegas. The local sales rep picked me. Tuesday morning we met with the doctor who was installing our newest product on a couple of patients. The install went very well. These trips are as much about establishing relationships as they are about evaluating the product. It turns out that we had accomplished our goals by lunch time so the doc gave me a ride back to the hotel. I originally planned on flying home on Wednesday. I was able to change my flight and got back home by 10:30 p.m. and got to sleep in my own bed Tuesday night, Yeah! I got an extra day at work on Wednesday rather than a day spent traveling.

I woke up Wednesday to temps in the low 40's. This is cooler than Long Island just the day before. My wife had turned on the furnace for the first time while I was away. Wednesday night was the coolest it has been this season. The temp was hovering right about 60, but to us it felt cold. I changed quickly and went on over to Via Verde for an easy 3 miler.

While I got started, in shorts and a long sleeve T, I definitely felt the chill in the air. I was beginning to wonder that if this felt "cold" to me, what was I in for in Indiana? Who's idea was that anyway? The current forecast for Saturday is:
The rain was originally to be gone by Friday. It looks now like it may hang on until Saturday. This makes 60°F look down right tropical. If Indiana is anything like Ohio (my home state), I know it may change again before Saturday. I think I may go looking for a warmer, water-proof running jacket tomorrow at lunch, just in case. It looks like this thin-blooded southern California boy may be in for quite the experience at the hands of Mother Nature.

The run tonight went smoothly. I tried to keep the pace easy just based on my breathing. It was a little breezy on the way out and warmed up considerably on the turn around with the breeze at my back. I was pleased with my 8:44 pace for an easy, shake off the dust kind of run three days before the trail marathon.

Now I'm off to hit the pillow and say my prayers for a warming trend in southern Indiana this weekend. Feel free to join in.


Mike said...

You SoCal boys are so weak in the weather department!!;-) *kidding of course, as I was there loving that weather myself last week!*

I am hoping that forecast changes for you. A trail marathon with snow/wind/rain- whoa! Regardless of the weather, you'll do great but just hoping it is a bit more "comfortable" for you out there!

Robb said...

I'll not comment on how soft you guys are in SoCal. I won't go there. Don't you secretly hope the weather is crappy so as to add to the experience?

I hope it goes well for you rain, snow or shine. Have a great trip and fun race!

robtherunner said...

At least you would be on the trail instead of on the road during that weather. Dress warm.

Wes said...

Sending warm vibes your way! Indiana is Brrrrrrrrr :-)

backofpack said...

I loved my goretex coat last weekend - I highly recommend it. Of course I wore it this morning with tights at 39 degrees and was way too warm. But since you are a southern Cal boy, it would probably be fine!

Rae said...

Good luck this weekend!! Have a blast and I know you're going to enjoy #8, cool or warm!!!!

Joe said...

Don't worry, Mr. SoCal, I'll take good care of you!! I have my digital thermometer packed and my temperature chart printed out and off we'll go!!

Latest Bloomington forecast says sunny and 5-10mph wind from WSW on Saturday. Will be around 32 when we start...heading for 40 by mid afternoon.

Really glad you got some extra sleep...that will help with time zone changes...again

What fun...see you at the airport on Friday !!!

Anonymous said...

The verdict??? Hope it went well, Darrell. I checked out the weather yesterday AM and it looks like you fortunately missed the snow/rain but it may have still be quite cold and muddy... Hope you're feeling well today:)