Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Whole Lot of Nothing

As of Friday evening, I've run a whole 4 miles this week.

Monday - scheduled day off
Tuesday - 4 miles on the equestrian trail in Via Verde
Wednesday - when I got home from work I was exhausted from planning trips to visit docs in NY, Kentucky, Montreal and Quebec. The scheduled called for 6, with at least some of it at Marathon Pace. My legs were still a little lackluster from summiting Santiago (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). And as if I need another excuse I felt a twinge of a sore throat coming on. The rest of my family has been battling this cold for a couple of weeks. I can usually dodge them. So after all the excuses I decided to skip the run.

Thursday - about 9:00 pm on Wednesday I remembered that I couldn't run on Thursday night either. The CA Cruisers were getting together for some food and frivolity. We swapped race stories. Some of us clean up pretty well. Thanks to Jesse for opening his home to us. We tried to plan some runs for the next couple of months and a future race we could all do together in 2007. We are leaning toward Marine Corps. Kitty, Margaret, Jaymie and Dennis ran it this year. It's a year away we'll see how it goes.

Friday - I committed to getting up and getting in at least 4 miles before work on Friday. I set two alarms. Come Friday morning I turned them off and rolled back over. Good intentions, but the run was not going to happen.

Call it extreme tapering, call it laziness, call it poor planning, but as of Friday evening my weekly mileage remained at 4. I haven't done that in awhile.


Wes said...

Welcome to my world! LOL. You'll be OK. I have confidence in ya!

Sarah said...

I'd say go for the extreme tapering explanation. ; ) Yep, you'll be fine. You probably just needed a break! : )

robtherunner said...

Finally! Someone that I have outrun this week, at least through Friday. I hope you got out there yesterday. I am telling myself it is better to be undertrained than overtrained.

Joe said...

Whoa....Marine Corp run in fall 2007??? That's been on my target list for a while...let's talk more in a couple weeks!!!

You're in good shape for Tecumseh...we'll have fun on rested (if not speedy) legs!

Rae said...

We all have weeks like that sometimes! And I guess we all will until we're sponsored by Nike or someone.

Have a great week!