Sunday, March 11, 2007

Biker Boys

Here a couple of pictures of Bryan and I at the bike tour, last weekend.

"myspace" photo, at the starting line, in the dark.

watching the fireworks, the sun is almost up.

view of downtown LA from the 6th St. bridge, a marathon first. A pretty impressive view, but where's Bryan?

Together again at the finish line.


Backofpack said...

Both the ride and the new run sound like fun. You know, ultra runners always walk those steep ones - that's part of what gave me the confidence to try Capital Peak and Orcas. I love seeing the line power hiking up!

Bob Gentile said...

Great Pics of the Biker Boys-- Very Cool!! Way to GO! Love the finish line pic :-)

OCRunnerGirl said...

Great pictures!

Donald said...

Very nice. Great pics!