Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eugene Training - Week 10

The good news - only 7 more of these weekly posts.

I shifted my whole week up a day so I could have Friday off. Friday just works better for me and I really like having the day off before the long run; 20 miles this week. My legs were dead, my quads were especially sore after the Glendora Ridge Run. Its funny that Rob mentions this as well but Monday afternoon I noticed that the soles of my feet were sore. I wondering if this is because the Adrenalines have less cushion than the Trance I've used for so long or if it is just due to the rocky loose conditions in places along the ridge causing my feet to grip more.

Monday's six miler was not really a struggle, but there was definitely no umph in the legs. My pace was 8:59. Tuesday my legs felt only a little better. I ran the same loop just for comparisons sake and was still relatively sluggish at 8:47 pace.

Wednesday I intended on running 8 miles at the dam. I was ready to walk out the door at 5:00 which would have given me almost an hour of daylight. I would have finished up before the sun completely sank behind the horizon. Unfortunately the phone rang and I took the call. I then made the mistake of sticking my head into my boss's office on the way out. That particular conversation left me with a knot in my stomach. The two things together chewed up thirty minutes of prime sunlit running time. I wasn't in the mood after that to run the dam in the dark, or to run at all. I drove home frustrated and without running.

Thursday I still wanted to get the 8 miler in and I did make it out the door already changed and ready on the dot, 5:00. I did feel a little bad leaving like a clock puncher but I had gotten in a little early. Sadly my legs were still not feeling refreshed. The first mile was at 9:00, which is pretty typical including the little climb on top. Mile 2 is where I usually pick things up, but not Thursday. 8:45. Discouraging. When mile 3 came in at 8:38, I called off the attempt at 8 and headed back. There was no sense slogging out 8 at this rate, with the anticipation of 20 miles looming out there on Saturday. The last three miles back went slightly better. I finished up at 8:30 overall. At least a little bit of vitality finally found its way out of those logs attached to my hips.

Saturday morning I headed back down to Huntington Beach for pretty much a repeat of the run two weeks ago. Just for varietie's sake, I started at the NW end near Warner and the 11 mile mark and headed SE towards mile 2 and up the river trail for that extra mile to make it 1o out and back. I wasn't expecting much out of this run. Well actually I was expecting it to be pretty much a death march.

When mile 1 came in at 9:12, I started thinking this is going to be a long day. As the run progressed I started feeling better. At mile 7 I took my first half pack of Razz Clifshot. I'm not sure if the Clifshot had anything to do with it but I began to feel a little more energized. I was running around 8:30 by then. I took half packets of Clifshot at 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 after that. Although I never came close to my target marathon pace of 8:00/mile I was encouraged that I never slowed down. In fact my last mile came in at 8:22, 50 seconds faster than the first mile.

Sunday morning I headed over to Bonelli at 7:00/8:00 a.m. for my popular Sunday 5 miler. The schedule only called for 4, but since I'd already missed 8 miles this week I didn't think the extra mile would hurt. Although it was a slow recovery run, I felt strong even on the hills at the end that sometimes really kick my butt.

At this point I have little faith that I will be able to pull off a 3:30 marathon. Six days a week (even though I've missed the last four) and chasing the 50 mile week are taking more of a toll on me than I imagined. My long runs have been respectable but not at the level necessary. My overall times even on the shorter runs aren't where I think they should be. But then again I never thought I'd pull off last years 3:52 and 3:40 either, so I haven't given up all hope. Next week includes a relatively short, 13 mile, long run (there's an oxymoron a runner can appreciate) so I'm redoubling my resolve to run all six days scheduled no matte how slowly.

Miles for the week: 43

M: 6 miles, 53:56 (8:59 pace)
T: 6 miles, 52:40 (8:47 pace)
W: knot in my stomach day
H: 6 miles, 51:04 (8:30 pace)
S: 20 miles, 2:53:23 (8:40 pace)
S: 5 miles, 51:14 (10:15 pace)


Bob Gentile said...

Some awesome miles logged Darrell and great pace times! Keep it Going!

Oh Yeah stay away from the Boss's office :-) no time for knots! It's TRAINING TIME!

Journey to a Centum said...

Dang, that means 7 weeks to the double I plan on running the weekend of Eugene. Don't worry about the 3:30 just don't let me pass you after running a 50 miler the day before! Rob passed me at mile 18 two years ago during the Capital City Marathon in Olympia Washington after running a 50K the day before. I had major fueling issues that day and the final 8 miles were a real struggle. Needless to say I didn't catch back up to Rob. I ran a 3:32 so I suspect that I probably also went out too fast.

Are you doing any speed work at the track? I know with all the miles you have been putting in that track work is hard to find the time for because it takes away from your long distance runs. This would be a good time to start cranking out some 7 min pace 800's to help build your speed. Our running group will do ladders where we run an 800 at 10K pace recover for 400 then run 400 at 10K pace, recover for 200 then run 200 at 10K pace. We try for at least four sets and work toward 6-8.

Looking forward to meeting you in Eugene! Keep up the good work.

David said...

Think positively Darrell. The race is not in training runs.

Wes said...

That's right! Keep training away my friend! Toe the line and within the first 5-6 miles of the race, you'll know whether or not you feel it. Until then, keep hammerin away!

Anne said...

It's amazing all the ways our work can impact our workouts. You know? I enjoyed the pictures in your previous post. I've heard good things about the new course, particularly that stretch along the 6th Street bridge.

Sarah said...

Only 7 weeks left 'til Eugene?! I better start training! I'll need to schedule at least one long run on the roads, I think. : )

I think you're doing great! Don't discount a 3:30 just yet. But if not at Eugene, you'll still have 40 left to try at. : )

robtherunner said...

I am looking forward to the Eugene weekend as well. I am hoping to get in reasonable shape to tackle the weekend. I am sure it will be here before we both know it.

Mike said...

Darrell, the legs will come around, that's what the taper is for right!?!

I did love the "logs attached to my hips" comment though..It gave me a good laugh- thanks!

Keep it rolling!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I'm not a clock puncher either but when it's "run night" I too like to be out of their on time. I started running after work so I could run in the daylight as well.

Neese said...

you're doing awesome, and i love the oxymoron!

Robb said...

3:30 is within reach for you. Don't lose hope and don't lose sleep over it. You'll be fine.

My wife runs in the new Trance shoes and likes them quite a bit.