Monday, June 04, 2007

The Second Half

I got it done, not exactly the way I had envisioned it, but I got it done; and I really did enjoy it. Last Monday was the Saddleback Half followed 5 days later by the Fontana Days Half. This is the only local race that I have a three year streak going. I would have four except that in 2004 I ran the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego that occurs on the Sunday following Fontana. I'm not sure I will ever do that particular combination. Although it sounds more doable now than it did in 2004, I've got 41 other marathons (states) to run first.

The funny thing is that the two races/runs came down almost exactly the same. I've spent more time than I should have comparing the numbers.

The similarities include:
  • I ran the first 9 miles with a friend, Jay at Saddleback, Terry at Fontana
  • I made a bathroom stop during mile 9, a convenient portojohn at Saddleback, a convenient bush at Fontana
  • I ran the last 4.1 miles faster than the first 9 miles in both races

In retrospect, running 2 half marathons within a week wasn't that tough of a challenge. It pales in comparison to back to back marathons or an ultra but it was a fun little series to do. It was made that much easier for me because I really only ran them rather than race them. I held back early on and only sped up for the last four miles. This seemed to be prudent considering the foot issue.

I met several people that I knew at the race. I saw Larry, a coworker. We've both been running since 2003, but this is only the 2nd race we've run together. The first was the LA Marathon and there's little chance of seeing each other in that crowd. I also saw an associate pastor, Ron, and Ed from our church. And then I met, Mike, a guy from our old church when we lived in Rialto.

Although my times were faster at Fontana, my placings were significantly lower. I guess a lot of people come to Fontana intent on taking advantage of the downhill course.

The foot seemed to have faired well. I of course iced it when I got home, again more preemptively rather than in response to any specific pain. I've finished the series of anti-inflammatories so the next few days and weeks will be telling. David asked in a comment whether I've ever suffered from plantar fasciitis? Although I haven't received that diagnosis, I'm leaning strongly towards thinking that may be what I've got. My heels have been hurting for nearly a year. My increase in mileage and recent change in shoes may have just been enough to aggravate it even further. I do plan on babying the foot for at least a couple more weeks to assure no further damage.


Mike said...

Awesome double Darrell! Your consistent times across both is a good gauge of your excellent fitness since you not only didn't fall apart in the second race, but ran faster! Nice!!

Good luck on the feet- is there anything more frustrating!?! I plan on getting aggressive on the treatment with mine!

Joe said...

Very nice double, Darrell. Quite the unique combo of timing and geography to enable you to do it.

Sure hope the foot thing works out...this is no fun for you. You are plenty analytical, so I'm confident you'll get to the bottom of it.

Nice race, nice report!!

Randy said...

Great races the times, wish I were even close. I need some teaching on how to do the tables into your text that looks great....if you are willing to explain my email


robtherunner said...

Nice job on the half marathons. All series of races present their own challenges and it sounds like you had a good time on both and ran consistently. Now, hopefully you can get healthy for your next training phase.

Jason The Running Man said...

Great work Darrell. You are doing amazing things, very inspiring!

Wes said...

Back to back halves... Just as impressive as your marathon journey! I'd hate for the foot thing to get worse, but if you have been having pain for a year... Ouch!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

Backofpack said...

Wow - nice times! I have a couple halves in mind - it sounds like a nice medium distance these days.

I hope all goes well with your foot.

PLANET3RRY said...

I wish I had your race schedule... you are a running maniac

runliarun said...

Halfs are not so long anymore now, so a little double seems a cute, doable thing. Your times are great, I could not have done those racing, never mind just "running" the course.