Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 800's

View of the San Gabriel Mountains from the Bikeway on top of the Santa Fe Dam

I figured I had to end the year with a bang. December 31st fell on a Thursday. Thursday is speed work day! The plan called for Yasso 800’s – 6 x 800. I’m officially at work but I’ve been taking advantage of the light work load and skeleton crew and extending my lunches a bit to get my runs in during the day. The most convenient place near work for the speed work is the San Gabriel River Bikeway, so off I went.

The calculators told me that my goal time was 2:57. That seemed overly ambitious. Following are my times for the run – warm up, 800’s, and cool down.

Mile 1 9:27
Mile 2 8:55
Mile 0.5 4:25
800 3:32
Rest 2:22
800 3:34
Rest 2:47
800 3:37
Rest 2:32
800 3:28
Rest 2:45
800 3:39
Rest 2:45
800 3:33
Rest 2:58
Mile 8 8:59
Mile 9 8:45
Total 1:18 Overall Pace: 8:41

So my 800’s were no where near the goal, but they were pretty consistent. The 800’s are typically run on a track, i.e. flat as a pancake. The bikeway is not, so I feel pretty good about maintaining the 3:3X pace throughout. I’d forgotten just how hard these things are. Using the McMillan calculator backwards predicts a 2:07 half off these 800’s. This is no where near my PR goal. We’ll see how the rest of the training goes.

Happy New Year!


Joe said...

those are very solid times, Darrell, as well as I understand Yassos. They seem quite consistent with your marathon performance.

Calculations, projections, extrapolations are instructive but not totally predictive nor prescriptive. So, I wouldn't get too uptight about them... more something to which you say "Hmmmmmm".

Happy New Year to you and your lovely bride!!!

Anne said...

What an inspirational view. I'd giddy-up w/ those Yassos too if that was what I had to stare at. Happy New Year, Darrell!

Sarah said...

Looks like a solid workout to me! Happy New Year!

Wes said...

I agre with Joes. 800s is just tough, and just doing them will make you a better runner!