Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

I awoke this morning and headed straight to the family room to turn on the TV. I was in search of the Rose Parade. The Rose Parade is the best way to start of the New Year as far as I am concerned. I always watch the live coverage on KTLA and hearing the voices of Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks confirms to me that the new year has officially arrived.
I made banana nut muffins for breakfast and then headed off to Bonelli for a walk around noon. If you watched the parade or the Rose Bowl later in the day you know that we started off the New Year with typically beautiful warm -72 degree and mostly sunny skies - weather.
We watched the game with some friends and then came home and had our traditional NYD meal of Jenny Joes, a sloppy joe take off with chicken gumbo soup as the sauce. I got the recipe from my uncle, but I have no idea where it originated.
Remember the Winter Misery One Miler I ran a couple of weeks ago? Well, runninglaur has posted the carnival here. She also provided these nifty personal artworks to commemorate the occasion.

We ended the day watching Julie & Julia, which in a weird sort of way seemed appropriate with the chili, muffins and Jenny Joes I'd made recently. I certainly got a kick out of the blogging connection. I just wonder did Julie ever actually get to me Julia. Does anybody know?


Joe said...

My wife, who knows these things, says Julie never did meet Julia. Ms. Child was in her 90s when Julie started her blog and didn't understand blogs, thinking Julie might have actually been mocking her. So, no, they never met.

But a good movie...and with all the food on the day, a good choice.

Watched the Rose Bowl and the weather looked disgustingly fabulous. I looked outside here at single digits and grey and envied you SoCal-ians...

Happy New Year!!

Pat said...

They never met. Joe's comment is right on. It was a good movie and got me to read her blog. The last post is about her Julia Childs passing.

PBS had some of the Best of Childs episodes. They are a riot to watch.

Sorry I missed you at the SM5000. It was a last minute race for me. I loved it, even if it was a week after the Twin Cities Marathon. TC is a must race. The city is beautiful, the course is all lakes, parks and neighborhoods. I don't remember passing a single fast food restaurant, tatoo parlor or other commericial center. The finish is downhill past a basilica, over a bridge and in front of the state capitol building. It should be your Minnesota race, although, I hear Grandmas Marathon is incredible too.