Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Return to Bonelli

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The ground hog may be able to keep spring from coming but he can't keep the days from getting longer. It has been noticeably lighter each day when we leave work and remaining lighter once I'm home.

Today I make a quick change and then a bee line for the park and ride near Bonelli. I left the parking lot at 5:35. It was probably already after the official sundown but there was still plenty of light to see the trails.

I ran on of my shorter routes that combines trails and roads. The first 2.25 miles or so are trail with the rest pavement. I had plenty of light to navigate the trails, but by the time I hit the asphalt it was definitely dark.

I used the new phone/gps and was a little disappointed to see the distance came in at 3.8 miles. I've always called this route at 4 miles. I guess its close enough for government work, as the saying goes. That 0.2 miles haunts me just a little, it is the end of a marathon. Who wants to only run 26 miles and take credit for 26.2.

I'm not quite obsessive enough to go back an change my running journal, but I will only take credit for 3.8 today and I'll measure it a couple more times to see what I get. Regardless I enjoyed the midweek foray back into Bonelli.

Four days to go before the Surf City Half and the weather forecast seems to have improved, thankfully.


Anne said...

I've noticed the longer days too, and it's a nice change. I can't say I'm ever nagged about running in round numbers, but I can understand the obession. Good luck this weekend, Darrell!

Wes said...

Half a percent is well within the margin of error for a GPS :-) You're welcome. I CANT WAIT for day light savings time!

Joe said...

You are so funny with your accuracy... it's a hoot.

Cool you are back in Bonelli in February.

If I don't talk with you...have a great run at Surf City!! Look forward to the report!

Sarah said...

I love the longer days too. Although now that I've moved back to morning runs its still dark for now.