Monday, February 08, 2010

Surf City Schwag

Race Banner on the Huntington Beach Pier the day before the race, a stormy, wet, windy day.

The race medal is one of the coolest ever. The surf board is wooden with the metal medallion attached. (Try as I might I couldn't rotate the top picture, sorry)
The California Dreamin' metal for completing some combination of the Long Beach, San Francisco and Surf City Half or Full Marathons. I did the half option - no more California marathons, remember.

The logo on the California Dreamin' jacket.

The final official results are in:

1:45:11 (8:02 pace)

Splits were - 3 mi 24:13 (8:05 pace) and 8.2 mi 1:04:48 (7:55 pace).

925 out of 11783 overall. I'm still jazzed.


Pat said...

I'm officially jealous. Those are cool medals.

Wes said...

and jazzed you should be. Stella!

Sarah said...

That is some nice schwag!

Joe said...

Awesome medals...the wood surfboard is amazingly cool and unusual.

Talk about California Dreamin'... I just walked in from blowing another snowfall off my driveway in a Wind Chill of -5F. I'm dreamin', indeed. 10% finish...that is really awesome speed work, Darrell. Congratulations!

Anne said...

And jazzed you should be. I like the California Dreamin' medal.