Sunday, February 21, 2010

Solid and Sliding

How did I ever find time to blog. I hate to give it up but with Facebook and Twitter competing for my time its getting harder to keep up. Reading is difficult, but made somewhat easier because so many others seemed to have dropped off the blogger wagon. Posting is difficult. Twitter is my personal fave at the moment. It is short, sweet and to the point. Easy to stay in touch with a lot of peeps without any commitment to a long read or a comment.

On the running front, it was a good solid week of training miles. Four weeks to the day when I break my no-CA marathons for the new LA Marathon Stadium to Sea course.

I took advantage of my carpool situation and the wonderful summer like weather to run 8 and 10.5 miles on Monday and Wednesday during my (extended) lunch hours. It was so nice to complete those medium length distances during the daylight. The 80 degree temps were a bonus. I was definitely in my element.

Thursday I headed straight to Bonelli and got 2.5 miles in on the trails before darkness encroached and then added about 4 more miles on the pavement for a nice 6.6 miler.

Rain was predicted for Saturday morning but we were blessed with a wonderful clear and cool morning for a beautiful lap around the Newport Beach Back Bay. There were so many other runners out there, it was very enjoyable. I ran the first part with Michelle and Jay and the remainder with my friend Terry and her friend Terry. At the end to the loop Terry and I headed back out for a few more miles to bring the total to 15.

Today I headed over to Bonelli for my Sunday Morning Loop but my fave trails were closed due to the land slide that happened on Thursday afternoon. It had rained overnight and I was hoping for a little play time in the mud. The slide was on the far southwest corner of Bonelli near the 3.5 to 4 mile mark of my normal loop. I made do by jumping on the loop at the far end and doubling back a couple of time to make up my mileage.

Total for the week was 47.1 miles. Next week includes the last big long run before LA. Not sure I'll get to cool off in the ocean like last week.


Sarah said...

The blog world has definitely changed a lot since everyone got hooked on FB and twitter. I like mine too much to stop. : ) Especially when I couldn't run I enjoyed looking back at earlier posts and race reports.

I'll keep reading yours as long as you don't become one of those bloggers that only does product reviews! : )

Backofpack said...

I totally agree, except I don't tweet. I still drop by to read blogs, but hardly ever comment. Some of it has to do with fb, but some of it also has to do with life being busy! FB is so much faster when I've only got a few minutes. Anyway, I'm still reading!

PLANET3RRY said...

I hear you on the FB/Twitter thing... I have 3 blog posts that I want to write but I can't find the time... SHeesh!

But I think there is some merit in the blogs, because it's so easy to over look someone's status or tweet as it passes by, but the story-the blog sits in my feed reader waiting to be read!

Wes said...

Yea, I totally agree on the blogger front. I've cut back quite a bit, but I'm not ready to give it up :-)

Joe said...

Ditto on the blog part.

There is a stronger "record" on blogs though. Just a matter of effort. So many distractions.

I got to run the Newport run a couple summers cool. Would be really fun (and crowded!) on a weekend. Glad to visualize it!!

Anne said...

Now see, I think of Twitter as more like Snicker's bars - quick to eat, and quick to make you hungry again. You're right, though, that bloggers are abandoning this form for others. I am starting to appreciate not being on FB - huge time suck, I'm told!

Jessica DeLine said...

Yes my blogging has suffered because of Facebook and Twitter as well! Poor poor blogging world...

Annette said...

I hear ya about blogging!
Nice job on your running. Good luck with the last long run next week. :)