Friday, February 17, 2006

Almost Wimped Out

Friday morning I packed by running gear up with the expectation of running 5 miles at the dam after work. This is what I had planned to do last week but I helped out a coworker with a ride back and forth to the Mazda dealership. Nearing the end of the day I got somethings finished, changed into the gear and stepped out the door a minute or so before 5:00. Great, maybe I could even get the run in before the sun had completely set.

But no! It was raining. Or I should say by CA definition it was raining. Almost everywhere else you would probably call it a sprinkle or maybe a light shower. But anyway, I wasn't in the mood to get wet and cold. (I don't know if there is such a mood, but I know I wasn't in it). I called home to see if maybe it wasn't raining there yet. The sky looked a little clearer in that direction. My son confirmed that it sprinkling there too. I thought to myself "I would run if I had my baseball cap." I never wear a hat unless it's raining. The cap helps keep my glasses dry. It's a bummer being blind, especially in the rain. It's like driving in the rain without windshield wipers.

The dam parking area is a couple of miles from work. It was barely sprinkling there. So after all the whining, moaning and complaining, I just pulled the car into the lot and started off down the trail. It was windy up on top of the dam and of course it started raining harder. But at some point you can't really get any wetter. The last 2 miles of the run it was definitely raining, by any definition. Yeah, I got wet and was a little cold, but hey I survived. I got my planned run in and beat back the inner wimp a little farther. Of course on my way home it stopped raining and now as I sit here and type this two hours later is hasn't rained anymore. Whaddya gonna do?

Let's hope the weather holds out for my long run in the morning. But I'm taking my hat with me when I go!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

do you have contacts? I always run in my contacts - especially after the one time I chose to wear my glasses, and the lens fell out! :)

Darrell said...

I gave up on contacts years ago. I have astigmatism and had to wear rigid gas permeables. They were never very comfortable.

I've been thinking about Lasik.

Anonymous said...

It is nothing to run in the rain. As for me I run in the rain and I don't get wet. I am to sweet and sugar doesn't melt in the rain.

Rae said...

Rain is the only time I wear a cap too! Otherwise it seems like a cap just makes me too warm or something.