Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bonelli Run

Boy, I feel like I'm way behind on the updates. Last Saturday my youngest son had earned back some computer priviledges so I couldn't get anywhere near the thing. Then early Sunday morning I left town for two days of work in Wisconsin and Michigan. I don't have a laptop so I had no computer access for awhile. I've decided that this post would be tooooooo long if I put it all in one so I'll break it into more reasonable chunks.

Saturday morning I met a few of the California Cruisers at the Park and Ride lot near Bonelli Park in San Dimas.

The first picture is our little group in the parking lot before we started. By the look of us you might think we were in Antarctica or something. It was probably in the low 40's. Southern Californians are such wimps when it comes to the "cold" weather. Later on you can see that people warmed up a bit. It was a clear sunny morning, a great day for a run. But then again most days here are. Since noone had been here before, I would run ahead a half mile or so and wait for the rest of the group to catch up. My proposed route took us across the dam, passed the group picnic area and out and around Brackett Field, back through Eastshore RV Park, and around the picnic loop in Bonelli. Everyone else stopped about 3/4 of the way around the loop. At that point we were close to the cars. This was about 7.5 miles. I ran the rest of the loop around again for about 9.5 miles.

I chose this particular route, fairly flat and on paved roads because some of the group, especially Dorothy (blue hat, purple gloves above) are running in the Pacific Shoreline Marathon next weekend in Huntington Beach. This is the 10th running and Dorothy is a Legacy Runner. She will have done all ten come next Sunday. In 2005 the PS Marathon was her husband John's 100th marathon. They are quite the running dynamos.

Everyone really enjoyed the run and realized that it wasn't that far away from the Yorba Linda area. I hope to plan another run and maybe venture out onto the trails next time.

Sunday morning I got on a plane at 6:00 am and spent the rest of the day getting to Marquette, MI in the Upper Pennisula, so there was no running that day.

Weekly miles: 19.2
2006 miles: 43.2
Lifetime miles: 3489.5

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Rae said...

Great pics! It's so funny that you guys dress like it's cold!