Sunday, February 12, 2006


Sunday morning I decided that I would run over at the Santa Fe Dam bike trail. As I was leaving, my wife asked me how far I was going to go. I told her the scheduled had called for 16 yesterday and 5 today, but I only ran 10 yesterday. She suggested I run 11 today. 21 miles for the two days, it seemed like a reasonable choice. Probably not based on any sound training advice but what the heck.

I was determined to run this nice and slow, shooting for 9:30 miles. When I got to the 5 mile point I was feeling pretty good and since I had been keeping the pace to 9:20-9:25, I decided to keep going a little farther. I eventually turned around at 7 miles. On the way back for some reason I picked up speed. Mile 9 was 8:55 and 10 was 8:45. I had no idea why I was going faster, I hadn't consciously decided to. By mile 12 I was feeling the effects of my "speed". Mile 13 and 14 were at 10:00 pace. I probably should have listened to my wife's advice and only done 11. Oh, well.

I realize now that I enter the mileage into my log that this week was a 25% increase over last week and a 100% increase over 2 weeks ago. No wonder my last two miles this morning were so hard. When I got home I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. When I woke the boys up at 10:30 they complained that it was too early. My oldest (18) commented "how am I supposed to stay up all night if you are going to wake me up so early? Sorry dude, 10:30 ain't early.

Weekly miles: 40.9
2006 miles: 116.7
Lifetime miles: 3563


Anne said...

I see I'm not the only one with teenagers that have a warped sense of time!

robtherunner said...

That is a nice 2 day mileage total. Good luck with the 50 states goal. Ever hear about the Marathon Maniacs?

Rae said...

Great job with the long run! Pancakes sound SO yummy!! When I was 18 I regularly slept until noon, although now at 28 I can barely sleep until 8 am! ...Sigh...

Steve said...

Just wanted to say thanks for visiting Good luck with your goal!