Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another Slow Start - Fast Finish

When left work on Friday afternoon, I hadn't heard from anyone with the Cruisers about our run on Saturday. We always meet at 7:00 but the place and route were still up in the air. I made alternate plans to run with Terry at the Santa Ana River Trail. We were going to meet at Rio Java. Terry is another coworker. She wanted to meet closer to 8:00. She only wanted to run 8 miles. I had planned 12.

Terry and I ran the first 5 miles together at a pretty easy pace, about 9:50/mile. I had originally planned to run 8 with Terry then go it alone for 4 more but I ended up making a pit stop at 5 miles and Terry went on without me. I tried to catch up with her after that and somewhere along the way I caught up to some of the Cruisers instead. I never did catch Terry unitl I got back to the coffee shop. After a quick drink of water I headed back out for the last 4. My pace for the miles on my own was 8:15. Nice! As an added bonus, the weather held out. It had rained pretty hard on Friday with scattered showers predicted for Saturday, but they held off until later that evening.