Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nine and Half with a Dip

Sunday morning I took my younger son out to SC Village, a paintball park in Corona. The paintball park is only two exits away from Chino Hills State Park. I planned to go hit the trails again. My legs were feeling pretty good after yesterday's half. Unfortunately, the park was closed due to "adverse conditions". I opted not to run the trails anyway. I really wanted to do trails so I drove back over near home to give Bonelli a try.

I had no real plan but decided to basically run the long way around the lake. At one point there is a stream crossing. The recent rain had swelled the stream considerably. When I had checked it before the Cruisers came up the stream was easily crossable. Today it was 6 feet wide and calf deep. I met up with some mountain bikers coming from the other side. They had taken off their shoes and waded across. I decided to do the same. I guess, not exactly rugged trail runner behavior, but I was just out for an easy training run. Why get my shoes wet if I didn't have to. The bikers also warned me that at the other end of this particular section the lake had risen and covered the trail nearly waist deep. Someone had built a rickety bridge from 2x6 and logs. When I got there I decided I would just take the bridge over. Three steps into the bridge my foot slipped and in I went. I basically sat down, so I got wet up to my armpits. Quite refreshing! So much for keeping my shoes dry. The first few steps after that were pretty squishy but I had no choice but to keep going.

About three quarter into the run, I ran into the same bikers. I guess they were circling the lake as well but in the opposite direction. I stopped and told them about my little adventure crossing the bridge. Later, with the help of Google Maps I figured the run was about 9.5 miles. My time was 1:40. I was taking it easy but I didn't realize quite that easy, about 10:40 pace. Still a nice way to spend Sunday morning. When I was finished I got a call for my wife asking me to pick up my son at the paintball park, so it turns out I ran just the right time and distance after all.

Weekly miles: 35.6
2006 miles: 218.7
Lifetime miles: 3665


angie's pink fuzzy said...

very cool!

Rae said...

How funny! I guess you didn't need a shower after that run! I think I'd end up with hypothermia if I fell into lake water around here right now!

Danny said...

Because of your good attitude it ended up being "refreshing". (I probably would have been cursing...)

I'm very jealous of those lifetime miles. What a cool stat to have!

robtherunner said...

Sounds like an adventure. I usually choose to get the feet wet right away so I don't have to worry about staying dry the whole time. I am not sure if I would have enjoyed the slip up to my armpits though.