Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Day Late

Wednesday's 8 miles went off as planned. On Tuesday I hadn't discussed with Celeste the possibility of running together like we had the week before. I talked to her first thing Wednesday morning, she hadn't really thought about it but she had her running clothes with her so we were on for after work. We did the same routine as the week before. Out 2 miles and back in 36 minutes. I went back out for the second out and back in exactly the same time. I had planned on an easier run and stuck to it.

During the day Terry and I discussed running the Inaugural Disneyland Half Marathon. According the website the race was at 90% capacity. We've been talking about it for awhile now. Many of the Cruisers have already signed up. Terry signed up on Wednesday. I didn't sign up then, who knows why. Thursday morning I tried to log onto the website to register but their server was down. I was in a meeting from 10:00 to 12:00 and as soon as I got out I tried again. I was greeted with the news that registration had closed. In 24 hours they filled the last 10%. Registration has been open since at least January. Why I waited so long I don't really know. Part of the reason I waited was the pretty steep price tag; $85 for a half marathon. Now that I got closed out, I'm bummed and could kick myself for procrastinating so long.

Today's speed work went fairly well. I finally threw in a couple of 800's in 3:56 and 3:50 pace. I'm still at only 1.5 miles of speed work, not including the slow laps in between. I didn't feel quite as good about it as last week. This week it seemed to take more effort, especially mentally, to sustain the effort. Hopefully every little bit will help. Next weekend is the second of four 5K's in the Puma Race for the Cup. I've got my work cut out for me to better my 22:36 at the last one.


jeff said...

ah, what a pair we make. i tried to register and only had $84.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

aw man!

Robb said...

There must be something else you can do with that $ that you get to keep it.

Joe said...

Ouch! $85 for a half??? Sounds like Disney is hoping their aura makes people not think about value...may be just as well!

Nice midweek run...enjoy!

Rae said...

Wow! That is a steep price. I had been thinking about that race and hoping to find some cheap airfare. It sounds like a lot of fun, esp since it's an inaug. race. Oh well, guess I'll keep my eyes on something else for the fall!