Monday, May 15, 2006

CA Cruiser Pics

Whenever the CA Cruisers run together, Dr. John Strand is there with his trusty digital camera to record the moments. He then sends us an email most weeks with the pictures and usually some very funny captions. I thought I would share some.

"Dorothy is telling Darrell that she already has her Las Vegas shirt, so she doesn’t have to train for that one. Lisa is telling Darrell that she already has a red Angel’s shirt, so she doesn’t have to do the Angel Stadium run next week. Darrell James is saying. “No excuses, it is time to run.”"
Who knows what we were really saying, but what's with the look on my face?

"Hey Darrell, wait for us"
OK, so they're not all funny but I liked the picture. This is a little whoopty-do incline in the first mile of the run. Janene hates the hills so she always powers right on up to the top and then waits for everyone else. I just can't let her go alone so off I go. Cecil actually ran ahead to get the picture so John could be in a few. John is the blue shirt and red shorts on the left back there.

"There is beauty to the left where the Santa Ana River, in perfect peace and tranquility, quietly makes its way to the ocean. There is beauty to the right as the wind caresses the trees to create the gentle rustling sound of leaves that calms our nerves. This is the beauty that makes my hands sweat, my breath become rapid, and my heart to pound in my chest. If men knew that they could feast their eyes on these gorgeous sights, we could triple our membership."
I can't really add anything eloquent to this caption, so I'm just going to leave it alone.


PLANET3RRY said...

Sometimes, in order to pace properly, one needs to find someone pleasing to the eyes and pace behind them... but that's purely running business

jeff said...

haha...darrell, wait for us! great pictures, darrell. i've always wondered what the santa ana trail looks like up your way.

Rae said...

Great pics!! It looks like you guys have a beautiful place to run.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

cute pictures!