Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday Run and Stomp

Today, Monday, I am enjoying my day off. I'm trying to get this entry in before the season finale of Grey's Anatomy at 9:00. Whew, last night was a little crazy.

I just couldn't break my Sunday morning streak, so it was off to Bonelli. It was a very overcast morning so the views in the distance were non existent, but the mustard and thistle were everyone. This week I also noticed a lot of black-eyed Susan's that I hadn't noticed before. Very nice. I'll have to enjoy it while I can, because it won't be long before everything turns back to brown for the summer.

I added a little extra trail onto the normal loop to get 6 miles. The trail leads up to what I think is a water treatment or pumping station. At the top of the hill there is a large flat asphalted area. In the center of the asphalt is a 10-12 foot tower or stand pipe. It is surrounded by a fence that looks like its made out of satellite dishes. I can't really describe it very well. Maybe I'll have to take my camera back and get a picture so someone can tell me.

I actually ran into 2 other people today. One was a runner going in the opposite direction when I was nearly finished. The other was a man walking. As I passed him I wished him "Good Morning". He was carrying something in his hand but I didn't immediately recognize what it was. As I continued on the trail, I rounded a corner and came face to face with a Rottweiller. Oddly, I didn't freak out. I just said "Hey there puppy" (he wasn't). He looked at me and trotted on past. I realized then that the man I had just passed was carrying a folded up dog leash. It could have been a potentially ugly situation, but I guess everybody is in a good mood on the trail on a Sunday morning. Whew.

Later that day I treated my wife and mother-in-law to a BBQ. Tri-tip, spinach salad, and rustic bread. Very nice if I must say so myself. After dinner we dragged the boys off to see STOMP at the Pantages Theatre. This was the second time this weekend that we had made them venture out into the world beyond the TV and computer. They actually enjoyed the show a lot. I have never seen this show before although it has been around for awhile. The cast of eight is really talented percussionists and dancers. The show is not just sonically appealing, but is visually stimulating as well. Although the cast never speaks, many of them develop a personality as the show progresses. It is really interesting to hear the music that can be made using push brooms, match boxes, flexible rubber tubing, folding chairs and newspaper. The show ended with an audience participation segment that had us all clapping in different ways and even divided us into sections each with our own beat. It was really a lot of fun. I would definitely like to see this one again. The show is in LA only through this weekend but is traveling throughout the country. If you have a chance go see it.

Now I'm off to see what happens to Denny and Dr. Burke.

Oh, wait - miles last week: 36.2
I passed the 4000 lifetime miles mark as well.


matt said...

congratulations on the milestone, darrell! you never cease to amaze me, man...great job! and very impressive the way you treated the mom's so special. i am taking notes, buddy :)

Danny said...

that's a pretty cool milestone! congratulations!

Donald said...

Stomp is TOTALLY cool! I've never seen it in person, but we have two videos. One of them is a children's one with the Sesame Street characters - the whole family loves it.

Robb said...

Darrell, my 'happy guy' comment is nothing wierd. HeeHee!! I'm sure there some things get lost in translation. After all, us Atlantic Canadians speak a language all our own, don't you know! I was just observing that everything seems upbeat in your world...therefore - well, you get it. That's funny.

I liked the photos of your running group. That Dr. is kooky with the captions.
Thanks for your positive words buddy.

robtherunner said...

I am not a big fan of running into rottweilers along the trail. Nice to hear it had its Sunday manners. Congratulations on the milestone.

Joe said...

Stomp is really a fun, fun show. We saw it here at Purdue three years ago. Just amazing and incredible fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

Anne said...

Glad the dog encounter went so well. You were lucky! We took about 20 teenagers to see Stomp when my daughter turned 16. It was a blast. Glad you enjoyed it too.

Rae said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!

Congrats on the 4,000 milestone!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

scary dog encounter!

and 4000 miles, very cool!

Anonymous said...

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